Your Dream is NOT About You

So last week on Facebook, I was reminded about a big dream of mine.

You see... Back in 2015, it was my goal and dream to become an author. It was something that I had on my annual goal list for years prior to that.

At the beginning of 2016, I remember telling myself that this goal will NOT be on my list the next year, and I was committed to making it happen.

I then created a cover on PowerPoint, printed it and wrapped it over an Eckhart Toll book and kept it on my desk. I wanted it to be a constant reminder of my goal and dream.

Fast forward to now, and not only have I written a best-selling book, but I’ve gone on to help 24 other authors become best-selling authors as well. And next year, I'll help at least another 24 become published.

Last month, I also kicked off an incredible project where I’m helping a wonderful woman publish her late husband’s book. She came across it as she was going through his items. A book that was a dream of his to publish, but never got the opportunity.

As I read the pages of his manuscript and read how he so wanted to be an author and recognizing that I now get the honour and privilege of helping his wife make this a reality, it was truly humbling and fulfilling. This reminded me how the dream we have for ourselves goes way beyond us.

What started off as a dream to write and share my message expanded to not only writing a book that people loved and has helped many, but really became a catalyst for helping others create more EXPANSION and IMPACT through their words.

Had I not committed and taken the steps to achieve my goal, I would not have been able to make this impact.

Even over this past week, the example of the power of your dreams was illustrated. As the world eagerly waited to learn of the results of the US elections, what a feeling it was to witness the first women and person of color become Vice Present elect.

Regardless of who you wanted to win, clearly a glass ceiling was broken!

The impact of the dream that Kamala Harris had and achieved, is undeniable. Her dream goes beyond her and will now influence many young women, especially those of colour in a big way.

The fact that they're able to see someone who looks or is similar to them in a position of power gives them permission to DREAM BIG. It shows them exactly what’s possible for them. It’s almost proof of what they can achieve for themselves.

Whatever dream you have in your heart was placed there for a reason. A reason that may be beyond your current comprehension. A reason that's more than just about you... but has the ability to serve others in a major way.

This is why I love being a Dream Life Designer and helping others be the same through my Dream Life Designer Planner and Membership.

It’s time to say yes to your dreams and watch the global (YES, I said global) impact that’s available to you.


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