Dream Life Designer Planners


The ultimate planner that acts as your own Personal Coach!

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What happens when you're a planner junkie, but never find one that you completely love?


You make your own!

I LOVE planners and have used them to achieve some great goals in my life, but... I could never find one that I completely loved.

There was always something missing in each one, where I had to use a planner AND a journal to keep track and review my goals.


And this is why I created the Dream Life Designer Planner!

The Dream Life Designer Planner is a Planner where you get to:

  • Review the previous year

  • Get soul searching questions that allow you to extract valuable lessons from the previous year to help set your intention for the New Year

  • Set personal, business/professional and financial goals that are aligned to your vision

  • Keep inspired with weekly affirmations

  • Receive all planners with a beautiful gift box 


I've met people who started the year inspired to achieve their goals, only for that inspiration to fizzle before the end of January.


I want to create something that will keep you inspired and hold you accountable to your goals.


This planner will help you plan and work towards your goals and hold you accountable to its completion. 









Key Features:

  • January - December 2021
  • Monthly overview spread over two pages, with space for note, and to write your top three goals for the month.
  • Weekly view per two-page spread with ample writing space to journal and write down your appointments.
  • Space also provided to enter your weekly deliverables (professional or business), personal commitments, income goal, expense tracking, gratitude entry and note space for additional writings or doodle.
  • Annual goal setting, planning, visioning, and financial planning at the start. With monthly check-ins and reflections at the end of each month, to ensure accountability and support to help you achieve set goals.
  • Beautiful, hard cover design with coated monthly tabs to endure daily use. Intro to month page with a full page for notes.

Get a closer look... 

  Collage 2021 Planner


"One of my biggest challenges in business is being organized and staying on track. Goal setting and reviewing those goals don’t come naturally to me.  Until this year.  I cannot rave about this planner enough!! If you have trouble staying organized or focused, contact UchechiEzurike-Bosse.  The difference between this planner and most others…. It’s like having a coach right in your planner!!"

~Sandy O'Shea - Stepping Stone Wellness

"I really love my dream life designer because I use it both as a journal and as an intention setter. I even get my 5 year old daughter to help me draw out my vision for the month. One time she drew gold coins and I got a raise that month! I find that when I take the time to write things out, I am more likely to act in ways that help me achieve my goals. Can't wait for the 2018 edition!!

~Benilda Formoso Ladouceur


Here's a little inside peek at what you'll get from this unique one-of-a-kind planner.

Monthly View

2021 Monthly View

Weekly View

 2020 Weekly View


Monthly Reflection   

2021 Monthly Review 1

2021 Monthly Review 2

Get yours now! It's like having your own personal coach available 24/7.


“The Dream Life Designer Planner is visually beautiful, as it is bright and beautifully put together. I love the amount of space provided to write out our appointments and plans. I feel that the best thing about this planner is that it's actually more than a planner, as it encourages you to set goals in life and/or in business and it keeps you accountable. My 16-year-old daughter and I love this planner and plan to buy one again next year.  Thank you Uchechi for making a planner that was made with Women in mind.”

~Trish John - Owner and Feng Shui Specialist at Your Spiritual Connection


As a BONUS, you'll also get my New Year Success Planning Workshop online live training FREE with purchase. This workshop will help you know how to make the best use of the planners to map out your year, and design your dream life.  

2019 Planner BOTTOM


Order yours today! 

“Thank you so much for creating the planner! I love it! It’s thoughtful- simple and holds me accountable. The reflection from the past year and setting myself up for this one (New Year) was really powerful- and even though I don't own my own business (yet) it was still super helpful. I will continue to take it with me everywhere!” 

~Jodie Collins