"On behalf of Canadian Samaritans For Africa, CSA I wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your remarkable presentation at our Charity Gala. Your eloquence, expertise and engaging delivery held the audience's attention, making the Gala experience very memorable and enjoyable.Thank you once again for sharing your experience and expertise with us."

— Oge Okolo, CSA Treasurer

A friend first introduced me to Uchechi Ezurike-Bosse's Life Mastery course and I'm so glad that she did. Since then I attended her Think and Grow Rich Mastermind series in addition to numerous seminar offerings. I found these courses and seminars to be insightful, invaluable, thought provoking and practical. They provided me with new perspectives and strategies that have not only changed my life for the better but have helped me to help others to positively impact their lives as well.

If you're looking for a coach who genuinely cares about you, someone who offers sound advice and guidance, provides you with constructive feedback and isn't afraid to tell it as it is, someone who holds you accountable to accomplish your goals..., then look no further.

Uchechi is one of the most dynamic, inspirational and personable people I know. She's also a great role model who has accomplished a great deal and is respected by many. I highly recommend her coaching and related programs and her My Empowered Living website.

— Tasha Williams

Uchechi's Mastermind program was perfectly paced, with sufficient content and just the right amount of time for self-reflection – for me a working mom of two.

In eight weeks, I came to identify and acknowledge my negative association with money and wealth, while finding the self-confidence to develop and execute the strategic plan needed to get a small home business off the ground. In addition – I've reprogrammed my outlook on life. I've always been a pretty optimistic person, but her mastermind program, took that to another level. It helped me learn the powerful role my mind plays in supporting or hindering the changes I want to see in MY LIFE.

If you have a dream, goal, or idea that you would like to see bear fruit, or that you just have not been confident to get off the ground - I truly believe that after this course and bonding with Uchechi, you will be empowered to lay the foundation for your new chapter/journey to success, as was the case for me.

Uchechi connects with people in a genuine and tangible way, while giving you the push you need to move successfully through uncomfortable conversations and difficult steps.

Thanks Uchechi.

— Natalie A.

I partook in Uchechi's Mastermind group and it was just the push I needed to stop procrastinating and finally finish the projects I had been working on for some time. Uchechi was simply amazing in the manner she helped me realize that living the life I want is not simply just a dream or a fantasy. I could accomplish all my goals and find my own success and no secret formula could make this happen. Only I can make it happen.

This group was instrumental in helping me achieve what I had long thought was impossible, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

— Oluchi Afriyie

I had the great pleasure to participate in the Life Mastery course with Uchechi and I will be forever grateful. I've read so many self-improvement books and have taken some weekend courses in the past, but none of those things has ever made as big of an impact as Uchechi and this course has. I feel that my purpose has finally become clear and that means so much. No, it means EVERYTHING. I also feel that I have changed as a person. Not into a new person, but into the person I used to be before I took on the role that others wanted for me. It appears that just by knowing my purpose, I feel like I finally know who I really am, and where I want to go.

I feel so passionate about sharing the knowledge that I have gained over the past few years, and grow further as an animal activist and an aspiring nutritionist.

I am so thankful to Uchechi from the bottom of my heart for helping me get more clarity and for inspiring me. She is making a big difference in people's lives!

— Anita Black

Aspiring Animal Abuse Speaker & Nutritionist

I attended Uchechi’s From Aspirations to Fulfillment – The Art of Manifesting your Business Goals seminar, and it was truly a great experience. I highly recommend her seminars and have personally done so to my team members. Her method and delivery of what she teaches in her seminar is unbelievable and loved for my team to experience the same thing. Her seminars are a must for anyone looking for effective strategies to improve their life and business.

— Lily Ekwenuke

Independent Consultant | Executive District Manager | Arbonne International

When Uchechi first mentioned the Life Mastery course to me, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical. But the more I spoke with her and listened to the principles that she had learned while taking the course, I began to feel that it may be the right path for me. I was right!

This course is amazing and what you learn about yourself in 12 weeks is valuable beyond measure!

Uchechi’s passion for life and the pursuit of happiness is truly inspirational. She celebrates all of our successes and revelations. She brings us into the present when we begin to dwell on our painful memories. She was born to be a coach, mentor and teacher. I can honestly say, that this course and working with Uchechi has changed my outlook and the way I choose to live my life.

— J. Williams

Life Mastery, these two words have transformed my life.  I have awoken, the light that has always shone inside me that was once extinguished burns brightly once again.

In was September of 2011, I was two months from returning to work after being off on a one year maternity leave.  I was a little anxious, unsure of my ability to balance work and parenting.  Besides the balancing act that I would need to perform I was dealing with inner conflict.

I felt I was barely existing, floating through life, allowing the winds that blew to take me where they chose.  I knew where the winds were carrying me was not where I wanted to be but I didn’t know how to command that they take me to my chosen destination.  

I wanted to take that step, to make the change but I did not know how to do it or where to start.  This is when Uchechi entered into my life.   A chance meeting at the Superstore, you ask?  I think not!! This was a serendipity moment orchestrated  perfectly from the creator,  an angel sent to me from God.  What I saw in her was a confident, fearless, God trusting, forward moving, action based individual who was filled with so much love.  Love that she wanted to share with those she came into contact with.  Through her patience, guidance and above all love she supported me, guiding myself along with 3 other individuals through the 12 Life Mastery Lessons, lessons that have changed my life.  I know live my life from a place of trust and faith instead of fear and mistrust.  I am able to ask for what I want and say “no” to the things that don’t support me.  I know regardless of what I say, as long as I speak my truth I will be loved.  I learned in order to get love I have to give love.  I walk towards the light instead of away from the darkness.  Do I have bad days?  Do I ever fall back on old patterns?  Of course I do, but I am learning to love myself regardless, loving the perfectly imperfect me.    

When I know look back, I see the inner conflict I was feeling was a whisper from God, whisper that went something like this:  “Why are you not living your life’s truth?  Stop living in fear, trust me, I have always and will continue to walk beside you.  Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given, knock and the door will be open.”

Live your life making the most of every moment, fore this moment is the only one you are guaranteed.

Organically Me,

— Julie T.

When I first heard about this program, I had some thoughts on how it would affect me, given those thoughts, I took the chance and allowed it take its course in my life.  During the coming weeks/months, I began to see a change in myself/being and how I deal with circumstances/situations.  I discovered a deeper level of understanding of who I am and what great possibilities lie ahead.  I give this course an A+ and knowing that it has had a great effect on me and I feel more empowered today.

— Elizabeth N.

I have known Uchechi for more than 10 years and I am continuously surprised by her. I knew long ago that she is a motivated, determined and generous person, but little did I know many years ago that she would become one of the most inspirational people I know. There are many who preach and say 'follow your dreams', but Uchechi is someone who has actually done just that. Her drive, energy and enthusiasm define her work ethic and have influenced her numerous successes in life. She is a natural leader not only because of her positive outlook on life and how she treats those around her, but also because she leads by example. Uchechi is an exceptional person, mother, wife to be, employee, leader, sister, daughter and friend and I am grateful to have her in my life.

— Ashley Keohan-Esposito