Who Should Write a Book?

You are someone with a message to share with the world. All of the tools, principles and lessons you have gained through different experiences has given you insight that can positively impact other people. You may feel that your message is not a unique one, but your perspective is very unique. Even if the same message can be found in a thousand different books that have already been published, none of them have been said through your voice.

Your story matters.


When you research a topic, there are always several books that discuss the same thing. But sometimes we need to read a few before we find our ‘AHA’ moment. When you share your perspective, you are giving other people an opportunity to find the validation they need to take action.

No one can share your story the way you can.


Writing a Book Can Help Your Business

For entrepreneurs, a book is a low risk way to allow people to enter into your world and start a conversation about what you do. It can also help you to establish your expert status and build authority in your industry.

As a professional (e.g. real estate agent, mortgage broker, accountant, etc.) a book is a great gift to give to your clients and also a great gift for them to give to other people.

Writing a book is a great way to seed your products or services.

If you offer programs (online or in-person), a book can be used as an extension of your courses in conjunction with the lessons and/or worksheets.

The sales of your book will also provide incremental income.


What We Offer

We’ll show you how to get started with a co-authoring or solo project.

You’ll receive an initial consultation on your book idea.

One-on-one sessions with a book coach.

Editing services.

Weekly workshops and deadline reminders.

Membership in the Facebook support group.

You’ll learn how to leverage Amazon’s huge SEO platform to position your book for the best exposure to your ideal target audience.


Are You Ready to Get Started?

This road to becoming a published author is for you, have a calling to share your message with others.

It’s okay to have doubts. But remember, the lessons you have learned that helped you to make changes in your life, can help others too.

The world needs to hear your story.

So if you’re ready to take the next step and write that story that is unique to you, I invite you to book a consulting session with me so we can create the right path for you.

Starter Package


  • Formatting to both kindle (mobi), and paperback
  • Interior layout design
  • Amazon distribution setup
  • Editorial assessment and feedback (General overview of your manuscript, with constructive comments for improvements)
  • Author retains copyright
  • Custom cover design



(2) 45min strategy session

  • Author platform development

  • Building a program/offer based on your book for additional sales and exposure (where applicable)

 Additional Fees


Appx. confirmation by editor based on level of editing needed.

(Please note, price of edits based on number of pages and level of work needed. This is NOT confirmed, as it will depend on level of writing.)


Additional book coaching and development: 

Over and above editorial assessment.


Meet our Team of Editors

Danielle Scruton


Danielle Scruton

Danielle is a freelance writer and editor of both fiction and non-fiction. Her clients include kn literary and Gabrielle Bernstein among others. She is the author of the novel Without Fear of Falling and the upcoming Sweetwood Mysteries series.

Danielle Scruton


Joya Williams

Joya Williams is a writer and editor. She loves writing short fiction and has been published several times in online publications like shortfictionbreak.com.

Her editing experience encompasses both fiction and nonfiction, and her most recent focus is compilation books that feature a specific group of writers.

She appreciates how personal writing can be for many writers and enjoys helping them develop and share their stories in a way that honours them and their experiences.