without the isolation, confusion, overwhelm and struggle!

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If you're like many heart centred entrepreneurs, you’ve struggled to reach your desired goals...

  • You’ve worked hard
  • Taken action
  • Put plans and strategies in place
  • Acquired knowledge
  • Made investments in your life and business


You still don’t have the results you want. 


I get it!

I've been there and seen this with countless people that come to work with me.

The fact that you’re here tells me you have an amazing gift that can help others in a big way!

... but yet you doubt yourself or maybe you don't know exactly how to make it happen.

At some level, you recognize that your old strategies don’t work.

You know you must change and HERE'S THE WAY TO DO IT! 


The Dream Life Designer Membership is a global community of authentic, conscious business and life designers; passionate about healing, serving, and transforming the world, through their purpose driven businesses.



Just imagine what your life and business would look like, if you…

  • Had consistent motivation, inspiration, and accountability 
  • Felt empowereddeserving, and worthy to make money doing what you love
  • Gained clarity on the action needed, to turn your dreams into reality
  • Stop being terrified of marketing and putting yourself out there
  • Felt supported with like-minded people cheering you on
  • Maintained focus on your goals and stop chasing the next 'shiny object' that comes your way
  • Stop overthinking and second guessing yourself
  • Lived with more passionpurpose, and alignment 

Dream Life Designer Membership is your place for support, accountability, and coaching to help you get the quantum transformation needed to live your life by design!

"Execution is the missing piece in so many business memberships, but the Dream Life Designer Membership not only prioritizes it, the Facebook community provides that extra external accountability.

When the doors to Dream Life Membership first opened in May (2020), I knew I had to be there. I needed that external accountability and execution focus to dig in and start the process of expanding my business so that it aligns with my values.

On the first monthly call, Uchechi shared a nugget that led to a sale on a new offer, twice the Dream Life Designer Membership annual membership fee's investment.

Within the first month of enrolling in the Dream Life Designer Membership, I upgraded immediately to the yearly option because my initial hunch was confirmed - being a member of the Dream Life Designer Membership was EXACTLY where I needed to be. Over the past few months, I've stepped into working from vision, impact and purpose - it's been nothing short of amazing and I'm so excited to continue to grow. I wish the same for you. See you on the inside!"
~ Jenn Laforet - Write Current

In our community, you'll learn powerful and actionable strategies to help you achieve the transformation you want in your life and business.


What happens inside the Membership?


Your investment to this one-of-kind community is just $55/USD mth.

No long term contract.

Cancel anytime.



STOP trying to do it all alone!

STOP focusing solely on business tactics in order to make money and grow your business.

Yes, marketing and business strategies are important and you’ll get a ton of this inside the membership.

However... no amount of strategy and marketing will give you the results you want in a sustainable way if you’re unable to change limiting beliefs and habits that keep you from doing what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Inside the membership you'll get training on how to shift your identity and habits to support your goals and vision

"This group is a wonderful safe place where like-minded individuals can feel supported and encouraged to create an amazing business or career. There is an abundance of very helpful information and education and I love the feedback I need from Uchechi and the others in the group! Thank you for providing this fantastic platform for us!!

~Lia Bandola - Life & Empowerment Coach at Life Lessons Unlimited

I'll be honest....

I'm not for everyone.

I want to work with you, only if you’re ready to finally step up and take consistent action on your dreams. You need to be ready and commit to implementing what you’ll learn in this membership.

I'll ask you to do the uncomfortable, knowing that it will lead to your growth and development and ignite the change you want in your life and business.

Inside the membership, you'll get SUPPORT,  ACCOUNTABILITY and TRAINING to help you stay on track, so you can take CONSISTENT action towards your goals.

The beauty of this membership is that not only do you get support and accountability to help you achieve your goals; you ALSO get monthly masterclass training to help you get better results in your life and business. These masterclass training will help you in various areas of your life and business to create more wealth and success.

Full database of monthly masterclass waiting for you Including:

Every month, a new masterclass training will be delivered live for you!

"The Masterclass Training that is offered inside Dream Life Designer Membership has been essential to allow me to focus on and grow my businesses during a difficult time (pandemic). 

I would highly recommend this for someone who is looking for ideas and processed to build their business and income streams."

~Helena Leppanen - Corallo - Financial and Mortgage Expert at Hillcrest & Co.

You’ll also have a special member area with additional tools and resources to help you attract more wealth and success in your life and business.

So... the next time you find yourself feeling stuck and lonely.

The next time you find yourself disorganized and overwhelmed.

The next time you find yourself not accountable…you’re immediately going to realize that I’m offering you the opportunity to change every bit of that right now with this one-of-a-kind membership.

If you’re ready for a breakthrough and embark on a path to achieving more than you thought possible, then I invite you to join the membership today!

It’s time to experience more success, wealth, impact and freedom in your life and business!

"I'm gaining so much self confidence, focus, clarity and the constant feeling of being heard and supported inside the Dream Life Designer Membership. Uchechi does not sugarcoat anything, and I really appreciate her for diving deep and helping me to go directly to the issue/idea rather than circling around it.

I've also benefited by knowing I am not alone in my entrepreneurial adventure. This group is open with sharing their successes in hopes of helping others - this is what I love bout this group!

I totally recommend this group to all entrepreneurs - whether just starting out or in business for years. This membership has helped personally and professionally. I have recommended it to many!

The value of learning important business lessons and strategies that are relevant to whatever states we are in. The how and why. The deep dive instead of the surface fluff. So much value for the price!"

~Lynn Milne - Juice Plus, Harmonious Healing & Voxx Life

Monthly Membership

$55 USD/month

Billed monthly

  • Weekly accountability and inspiration
  • Monthly masterclass training 
  • Monthly coaching calls
  • Quarterly planning sessions
  • Guest expert training
  • Monthly challenges to ensure execution and implementation
  • Resources library
  • Private Facebook community

Annual Membership

$450 USD/year

Billed annually. 2 months FREE!

  • Weekly accountability and inspiration
  • Monthly masterclass training 
  • Monthly coaching calls
  • Quarterly planning sessions
  • Guest expert training
  • Monthly challenges to ensure execution and implementation
  • Resources library
  • Private Facebook community



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