What you need to start doing NOW, to welcome your dreams!

This month in my Dream Life Designer’s Facebook group, I asked the beautiful ladies in my group to focus on cleansing and detoxifying this month. Now what I wanted them to do was to go beyond your typically detox of eliminating chemicals and toxins from their body (which you should always consult a qualified health professional prior to doing), but it also included shedding their old way of being that was holding them back.

Many times we hold an image in our mind of who we think we are, that’s less than what we truly are. You need to let go of the false self-image you have taken on, that contradicts to the truth of who you truly are.

See yourself as havingdoing and being that which you want, because that is the first step of creation. Cleanse and rid your mind of anything that contradicts with this truth!

This month started off strong for a lot of people and motivation was high to start the journey to transform your life. But today, being January 21, most of that motivation may have faded and you may have found yourself back to your old way of thinking and being.

One of the reasons this happens, besides habits and past conditioning, is that you blocked yourself from receiving the fruits of your work. The work you did at the start of the year, ignited a change, and great things were coming into your life.

However, you made the mistake that many people make when they start to manifest things into their life. You forgot to clean out the ‘junk’ first.

Here’s the thing, just like the junk and toxins in your body that you need to detox in order to feel more vital and healthy, you need to detox and cleanse your mind. You need a detox from negative situations, people and beliefs in your life, business and home.

This might seem simple and may look like it has nothing to do with achieving your goals, and manifesting your dreams, but it has EVERYTHING to do with it. You cannot receive what you have no room for. So if you want love, you can't receive it by harbouring anger, if you want wealth, you can’t get it by having a lack consciousness.

So, I ask you, what do you need to let go of in order to receive the good that you want? Keep asking yourself this question every day this month and clear anything that comes up for you that needs to be released. Thank it for the lessons and then let.it.go.

Doing this creates the space for you to receive the good you’ve been working so hard to get. Sometimes it’s not about working harder, but rather about releasing and cleansing your mind and soul, in order for your dreams to feel welcomed into your life.

Give it a try for the remainder of the month, and then hop on over to my Dream Life Designer Membership and share how it felt, and what dreams manifested as a result.


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