Stop Wanting the Outcomes, Without Being Willing to Do the Work!

I recently finished another round of a transformational coaching program with my coach and mentor. In one of the last sessions, he said something to the group that really stood out for me. He said, ‘People want results, without wanting to do the work.’

Talk about 'being hit by a 2x4' eh! 

So... think about an outcome you’d like to have in your life and business. Just pick one thing for now.

Are you willing to do what it takes to get it?

This is not a question to shame or blame, but an opportunity for awareness. Because with awareness comes your opportunity to transform any area that's holding you back.

I come across many people who want to build a thriving business, and reach a certain income level. However, when it comes time to roll up their sleeves and do the work (show up on social, mindset mastery, creating sales projections, invest in programs, ask for the sale, etc.) they shut down.

They don’t show up.

They don’t do the work because they don’t feel ‘inspired’ or motivated. Or maybe it doesn’t feel convenient at the moment.

They’re not willing to do the work, but then complain about being stuck and not moving forward.

They also hate when people talk about discipline and commitment. They don’t like the word discipline because it means sacrifice and they don’t want to give up anything.

Something I shared in my Dream Life Designer Membership at our New Year Success Planning Masterclass, was to replace the word ‘discipline’ with ‘devotion’. Another brilliant lesson from my mentor.

Instead of being ‘disciplined’ to get up in the morning to work out and seeing it as a negative; look at it as ‘devotion’ to your body. The temple that houses your soul and spirit and you are devoted to caring for it.

Instead of being ‘disciplined’ to dedicate time creating content for your business, or writing that book, see it as ‘devotion’ to your work, customers and calling. Devotion to honing and sharing your gifts!

This allows you to show up and do the work!

It’s the same thing, but a different energy. Discipline may feel ‘hard’ and something you feel you ‘have to do’ vs, devotion which has an energy of love and service. Something you ‘get to do’ and ‘want to do’.

So today, look at the outcomes you want to create in your life and business. Are you willing to devote your time and energy to the work needed to get the outcomes you want?

If you're not, then stop kidding yourself.

Stop wanting an outcome that you’re unwilling to work for.

What is it costing you to work from this broken strategy?

Get honest with yourself!

When I see myself operating from convenience I remind myself of this. And no, this is not about subscribing to the ‘hustle’ culture. If you've been part of my world for some time, then you know that’s not my jam!

But I also recognize that the work will not always feel good because oftentimes you'll be stepping out of your comfort zone to do the work. Your reptilian brain will seek for what is safe and familiar. It'll come up with every excuse to keep you from showing up.

Keep going!

It’s a new year. The fact that you're in this community tells me you want more. You want to help others, while making a GREAT living doing it!

It’s possible…

But you gotta show up and do the work!


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