Stay Focused, Get Your Major Tasks Done with Ease by Doing This!

As I get ready to coach inside Marie Forleo’s transformational Time Genius program tomorrow, I wanted to share something I learnt from that incredible program that’ll give you an edge in getting major work done. (side note: if you're struggling with time, this program is for you!)

It’s the recognition and understanding that you have a limited amount of cognitive fuel each day.

What does this mean?

It means you only have a limited amount of mental energy, willpower, and self control in a day. As your day progresses, you use up your fuel and ability to get things done with ease and focus.

Wanna know what depletes your cognitive fuel the most?

Making decisions!

Ever heard of decision fatigue?

This is why it’s important to identify your MOST important work that needs to be done and stay focused on that. Don't allow distractions and jump onto the next ‘shiny object’ you see.

Know your most important goal and task and focus on that FIRST. If you push it off for later and instead do the tasks that are easy and low-value first, oftentimes, you'll run out of energy to accomplish the major tasks.

Don't waste your 'best fuel' on low-value tasks, then feel tired, distracted and stressed to do anything else. This leads to 'busy work' that doesn't push the needle forward in your life and business.

So today, I invite you to identify your most important work this week. If you have the Dream Life Designer Planner, then you have a place to write them down every week.

Prioritize your ONE big task for the day, and tomorrow (Monday morning), do it in your first focus block when your cognitive fuel is high, so you get it done with more ease.

Give it a go, and let me know how it goes!

I love sharing these tools and strategies with my members inside the Dream Life Designer Membership. If you want to get in before we raise the price when we open up next, then click here to learn more!


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