Let go in order to receive!

There are times when we find ourselves in situations where we work on a goal or a particular desire that we want to achieve. We ask, pray, and meditate on it and then get frustrated when what we're asking for does not seem to come to fruition.

We then wonder what the heck we are doing wrong and why whatever it is we ask for does not seem to materialize.

I've experienced this myself, and have come to realize that one of the ways situations like this occurs is when I'm holding on and are attached to a particular outcome.

One of my practices is to set my goal, then allow some flexibility as to how it should unfold.

This does not mean I change my goal at every turn because then I will never remain focused long enough to achieve it, but it involves being open to all the infinite ways that it can come about.

An area I see this often is in relationships. People say they are looking for someone who will give them the commitment and love that they are looking for. They are hungry and thirsty for it.

However, they stay in a relationship with someone who is unwilling to give them what they need, or they may be holding on to a past relationship that did not serve them. Just the word holding on implies the issue.

I love to say when you are holding on to something whether it's a past relationship, unfulfilling career, business, etc., the sheer act of holding on requires your hands to be closed. For you to receive the greatness and abundance that you so crave and deserve you must be willing and able to open your hands to receive.

When you open up your hands, you release and let go and empty your hands to have room to take hold of something different. This is why some people may not be getting the things they wish for.

Their hands are closed, therefore, they cannot receive. We need to open up and release the old that no longer serves us, to be able to grab hold of that which we have asked for.

Keep this analogy in your mind the next time you find yourself feeling frustrated and resentful because your wishes are not coming to fruition. Remember as you ask, you will be given.

The only thing that prevents any desires from coming into our lives is the blocks and resistance that we've have built up, which is keeping us from our gifts. That block includes our unwillingness to receive because we holding tightly on to something. We need to learn to let go and trust and be open to receive the gifts that are awaiting us.


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