How letting go allowed me to manifest my baby girl!

I was blessed recently to manifest one of the greatest miracles of my life!

You see, on May 6th, my baby girl Maleyah was welcomed into this world! This has been such an incredible journey of manifestation that I was a little bit hesitant to share because it was a very personal journey for me. However, I felt called to share it with my incredible community here at My Empowered Living!

This baby girl was one that I wanted to have so badly. After having my son and after my husband and I got married, having a second child was my top priority. However, my timing and God's timing simply did not match (how many times do we experience this eh?). Month after month, I would wait in hopeful anticipation, but again and again, the timing would be off.

How many times in your life have you had that experience? You're probably there now. You have a strong desire for something and may be disappointed that it is not transpiring. You then start obsessing over it. You obsess over the how and the when. I know I sure did! Let's just say that I wish I had invested money into First Response because I certainly bought enough of the tests over the last year prior to conceiving. 

I did the work of setting the intention and put it out to God/Universe to bring it to pass. But as the months and year wore on, my anxiety increased. Will I ever get pregnant? Why are so many people around me getting pregnant and not me? Sound familiar? It may not be about getting pregnant, but could be about meeting that special someone, getting that desired position, reaching a certain level in your business. Doesn't matter, what does is our obsessive attention over our desires and the need for it to happen in a particular way and when we want it to.

Luckily, I got to a point where I felt an intuitive reassurance that my desire will come to pass, but I needed to just "chill out!" I had this feeling of release and I told myself that I know it will happen and the when was not up to me. I promised myself to stop putting my life on hold and just go about my business until it happens. I then planned to do the master cleanse which is something I've done periodically in the past. I then told myself I would sign up for a basketball league, which I hadn't done since becoming pregnant with my first.

Basically, I just released the intention to God/Universe and knew that what I wanted was coming to me, and all I have to do was to have faith, and stop obsessing and go about my normal everyday life and stop planning things around when I will get pregnant. And, guess what? Just when I made the promise to release and let go, was around the time I conceived! I ended up not doing the cleanse because I was then pregnant. Yes, people could say it was just a coincidence. But again, I've had so many things and experiences come into my life to know that this was not a coincidence. Nothing really ever is. The crazy thing about my story is that, as I look back, I know this is really the perfect time for me. Which goes to show that God/Universe always knows the perfect time.

On the day of my daughter's birth, my husband took a picture of a quote from my Abraham-Hick's perpetual calendar for May 6th, the day she was born.

Check it out below! I love how God/Universe sends us little reminders of the miracles all around us!

So, I share my story to show you that no matter what you want to manifest in your life, you have the ability to bring it about. You are not given a desire without the means to carry it out. You simply need to release the intention and have faith and believe it will come to pass and stop obsessing over the how and when. When we release our anxiety, it is then that it will come to us much faster.


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