Build Trust, Take Action, Increase Productivity with These Two Things

So, last week I shared two important things you need in order to create transformation in your life and business. If you missed that post, please click here to read it.

If you’re serious about creating change, then don’t miss it.

Today, I want to share another two things that are critical to helping you actually take the action you need and create momentum to move you towards your goals and dreams.

Those two important things are commitment and self-integrity.

I’ve written about them in the past, but today I want to revisit them.

Here’s the thing, I know it’s summertime and we’re still in the middle of a global pandemic and faced with uncertainty.

However, it’s important to stay focused on who you need to be, and what you need to do to create your desired results.

The truth is, I don’t always feel like doing things that will move me forward both in my life and business. This is why I work from commitment and self-integrity.

When you work from commitment and self-integrity, you keep your word, regardless of how inconvenient it may feel.

I mean just this morning, I did NOT want to do my daily workout, but you know what? It’s a commitment I made for my health and wellness and as a result, I stayed in integrity with my goal and got on my treadmill and jogged.

Let me ask you, what would 100% commitment look like for you in your life and business? If you worked from that place, how would you be showing up daily?

Sit with this question, visualize it and journal it out!

Part of staying committed and self-integral is to take responsibility for it.

So, if you want to grow your business, then commit to it.

Be responsible for making it happen!

Stay in integrity to your commitments.

Did you know that just by being self integral, you can increase output and productivity by 300%? What would a 300% increase in income and productivity do for you and your business?

All it takes is doing what you say you’d do.

When you’re out of integrity with yourself, you condition yourself to not trust what you say you’ll do. This erodes the relationship you have with yourself.

I mean, how long would you stay in a relationship with someone who constantly lets you down and not follow through on what they say they’ll do? Not long right?

Well, this is the relationship you’re building with yourself when you’re out of integrity and go back on your commitments.

I know you’re now seeing just how powerful being committed and self-integrity is to your life and business.

So, this week, focus on staying committed to your goals and do what you say you’ll do, and watch as you begin to trust yourself more, take action and experience quantum growth in your life and business.

Create an AMAZING week!


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