Why You Need these Two Things to Transform your Life and Business

If you’re like many people, you want to create a major transformation in your life and business. You may or may not have already realized that in order to create change regardless of economic conditions, two powerful things are needed.


Deepak Chopra brilliantly says “attention energizes, intention transforms”. I’d like to dig into this a bit further to show you the power it has to transform your life and business.

First, let me ask, do you set your intentions daily? Do you use the power of your will to cast out to the vast ocean of the Universe how you want your day to go? This is a powerful practice, and I admit I don’t do it as consistently as I’d like.

You can use the power of intention to set up how you want your day and week to flow. Visualize your intention and sit in the energy of your future goal. Do this before you start your day to help create a successful day that feels supportive and in the flow.

The truth is…

You create the experiences you want by placing your attention on your intentions

Once you set your intention, back it up with your attention. Remember attention energizes, so in order to energize and fuel your intention into manifestation, you must place your attention on it.

What does that look like?

Let’s take a look at when I have a speaking gig.

My intention is to have an amazing talk. I set the intention for God/Spirit to use me as a vessel to communicate with the audience.

I then place my attention and picture people’s reactions at the end of my talks. I see them thanking me, with tears in their eyes, saying how much they needed what I had to say and that it was my best talk yet. I feel the tingles and rush in my body after I give an amazing talk.

And you know what…. I always have people tell me the very thing I pictured. You may say its coincidence, but I’ll leave you to that and I’ll keep placing my attention behind my intention.

I also use this with my private clients. Prior to a coaching call, I set the intention to be of high service to them and focus on all the ways I can help them.

Same thing when it comes to launching a program. I set the intention for the right people that need me and my program who I can serve see my ads, and connect with me. I intend that they see the value that I’m communicating through my ads and sales page and that it connects with them in a deep way that converts into sales.

It’s obvious you’re realizing how important using your intention and fueling it with your attention can have on creating the life and business you want, can you not?

It’s unfortunate when I see people with big goals and dreams, yet they never use their will to set their intention on what they want to create and manifest.

Think of your goals and dreams. Write them down, and place your intention to the Universal Source the works with and through you. You have the power to create!

Don’t set your intention and then place your attention on all the things that are not working or that can go wrong. That only fuels the things you don’t want to happen.

So take a moment right now and think about your life. Your health, family, relationships, business, wealth, etc. What is your intention for these areas? Write them down, and sit in this energy.

Then place your attention on your intention. When something comes up that contradicts your desires, do not energize it by giving it all your attention.

When you start to give more focus to the things you want, you’ll begin to see it show up quickly and with ease.


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