Are you Willing to do Less BETTER

It’s easy to find people who are feeling overwhelmed in some way. Even in this so-called ‘slow down’ state where we’re being forced to slow down and go within, there’s still the feeling of stress and overwhelm.

I say ‘so called’ because if you’re a parent and working from home, it feels even busier than pre COVID with the kids home and also working from home.

Right now in my life and business, I’m recognizing the need for me to do less better. To let go of the things that no longer resonate or bring me joy, trusting that I won’t miss a thing.

Truly, anything meant for me will always come to me at some point. I don’t need to force it.

The great thing about doing less better, is that it gives you the opportunity to master something faster because your focus is not divided amongst different things. You maintain focus on what’s important not allowing other things to distract you.

I admit, this is something that doesn’t always come easy for me, as I’ve always been a doer! I’ve always had so much on the go in my business and different areas of my life. I love all that I’m doing, but I’m also being called to do less and simplify.

What this looks like is constantly checking in, evaluating what feels right for ME in my business and to simplify things. Looking at all my offerings and seeing how I can streamline and make things easier on myself.

This is why I love my membership, as I’m able to offer a wide range of resources to my community on different topics that can help them in different areas of their life all under one program.

Another valuable thing is to see tasks I can delegate to my assistant, trusting that it’ll get done. Maybe not to my level, but allowing her the opportunity to gain the competence that'll lead to her confidence.

As a result, she’ll feel more empowered, PLUS I can focus on areas of my business I enjoy the most and stay within my zone of genius.

Delegating tasks also gives me more time and space. It doesn't mean that I use that time to do even more work. That time will also be spend on fun and play, which is something I’m committing to do more of, in light of my kids being home. I want more fun family time.

This is a high value for me, so it's important that I create space for it in my life.

I see so many people having long list of to-dos. They see someone doing something and automatically think that’s that best thing for them and never evaluate if it fits within their values and will help them attain their goals.

You can continue to be ‘busy’ doing more, spreading yourself thin OR commit to doing less better, so you can be more focused and produce tangible results. Success comes from choosing quality over quantity.

It's time to do less better!


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