Are you getting into 'delayism' and 'escapism'?

As we enter into the last half of the year, I wanted to share a post I made in my Dream Life Designer Membership. It came from something I saw many people doing, and I want to share with you today because I know you'll resonate with it.

It’s all about getting into 'delayism' and 'escapism' which is something I heard for the first time from my coach. Yes, I know they’re not real words, but I'm sure you get the idea.

Here’s the thing, you get into 'delayism' and 'escapism' as a way to keep you from doing what is uncomfortable.

Ever had a great plan of action to grow your business, yet you did nothing with it? How many times do you go to your computer to get work done, but then you start doing the laundry, surf Facebook, read another post that has nothing to do with the work you're doing.

In other words... you procrastinate.

Understand that showing up and doing the work will not always feel good. You'll have other things competing for your attention. You will NOT want to do the work.

But, the fact that you're here tells me you have a goal and dream that you want to manifest. Something that calls to you that will not only fulfill you but others.

If you're like most people, you'll put off (delayism) or distract yourself (escapism) from actually doing the work. As a result, you remain stuck, going in circles wondering why you never achieve what you set out to achieve.

You don't achieve your goals because you allow yourself to be driven by circumstance instead of by CHOICE. Consequently, you continue to repeat your current circumstance over and over and over again...

We’ve now embarked into a new month, quarter, and finishing off the last half of the year.

How do you want to finish off? Will you continue to distract yourself due to discomfort? Where will you be at the end of the year if you continue to repeat patterns that keep you stuck.

There’s so much time left in the year, and you CAN and WILL achieve your goals and dreams. But you have to show up and stop putting off and distracting yourself from the work.

No matter what has happened this year, you have the power to influence the outcome.

Are you willing to show up?

You get to decide.

Create a beautiful week!


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