You decided to play full out. Now get ready for some resistance!

Ever been excited to start something new? Something you knew deep inside you were meant to do... only to be hit with feelings or doubt, worry and fear!

Years ago when I was planning for the New Year during the last quarter of the year. I remember being pumped to start the year fresh, clear on my goals. Goals that were aligned to my core desired feelings...

Then something huge snuck up on me.

Yes, the big R word...



I was overcome with a gush of doubtfear, and worry.

I doubted my new program I had planned, doubted the direction I was going, and yes I even had a moment where I considered stopping everything and just play it safe.

“Is all of this even worth it?”, I asked myself.

I couldn’t help it.

Back then, I felt a sense of lack and started to compare myself to others who seemed to have achieved far more; and the thought of the work needed to achieve the same level of success just felt like too much of a mountain to climb.

Add to that the feeling of being disconnected to relationships around me. Feeling out of place, without support.

I know at one time or another, this is something we all face.

I admit, this feeling still creeps up at times for me. Not at the level it once did, but as they say, 'new level, new devil'.

The truth is, any time you start to show up and step out of your comfort zone, you'll be met with some kind of resistance.

Disintegration anxiety kicks in, which happens when your old limiting self begins to disintegrate, and your new identity starts to form. You begin to feel stress and anxiety, because your mind can't predict what comes next.

Because you're reaching for something you've never reached for before and being someone new, this causes a level of stress and anxiety internally.

It's an attempt to keep you within your comfort zone. Safe from the unknown, criticism and rejection.

This feeling may feel like it’s a sign for you to stop and retreat

Thankfully, back then I was able to recognize this feeling and really got to work.

The first thing I did to work through my resistance was acceptance.

I learned to accept the fact that I was feeling this way and gave myself space and grace to feel my emotions and let them out.

I cried, resisted, and then I cried some more. I accepted the fact that my ego was in the driver's seat at this time.

Once I accepted my feelings, I knew deep down this was a temporary thing and I wouldn't stay in that space for long.

I then released my feelings.

I did this by praying for guidance and strength to break free from this. I expressed my feelings, even if only to myself and God/Universe. I admitted and voiced my doubts and fears and asked for strength to see it differently.

I surrendered my feelings to spirit! 

Next, I connected.

I remember frantically searching through my phone for one of my guided meditations and sat my butt down and meditated. My head might not have been in it when I started, but by the end of the meditation, my mind felt clear and my heart more open. I felt like there was an invisible presence beside me; reassuring me and helping me see my strength and self worth.

I then took action.

I’ve heard someone say action is the best antidote for fear and I absolutely believe that. Even though I was still feeling doubtfulI took action.

After having a good cry to release my emotions, and meditation, I went back to my laptop and got to work. 

As time went on, the resistance felt lighter and the fearful voice quieted down. I began to feel inspired again and felt my confidence come back. I remembered my “whys” and the passion I had for my work.

This was exactly what I needed to keep going.

In your journey to creating the life of your dreams, sh#t will go down.

Call it out, acknowledge your emotions, release, get support, re-calibrate and take action.

It may not be perfect action, but that action will allow you to quiet your fears and stay on track.

So, have you ever felt a gush of resistance come through? How were you able to push past it? Share your story with me.

Remember... You got this!

I'm cheering you on.


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