Why you Serve and Deserve

My team and I were prepping the affirmation of the week for this coming week. I realized it was one that’s very popular amongst my clients and members in my Dream Life Designer Membership Community, so I wanted to share it with you today.

That affirmation is, I SERVE AND I DESERVE.

I absolutely love this affirmation, but can’t take credit for it. I first heard of it from money mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas.

When I heard it, I thought it was absolutely brilliant!

You do great work.

You serve your clients and you ABSOLUTELY deserve to be well compensated for the work you do.


I come across many entrepreneurs that feel bad charging because they love the work they do and because it feels fun. Somehow because their work comes easy to them, there is a sense of guilt for being well compensated for it.

Even though they show up fully for their clients, they hold back feeling unworthy and undeserving.

You may also have people asking you to discount your products and services, or want to ‘pick your brain’ for free.

Trust me, I get this all the time. It was hard in the past (sometimes still is) to say no.

However, when I say yes, I'm dismissing the value of my work. Not to mention my clients that chose to invest in me. I’ve invested huge amounts of money, time and energy into honing my gifts to serve others in major ways, and to not honour that is doing a dis-serve to myself.

I also give a ton of FREE content on my website, and social media. In addition to my $45/mth Dream Life Designer Membership where I teach, coach and share my expertise.

Because I offer so much value in other avenues, it makes it easier to say no, when people want my expertise for free. They can go on my website and get valuable content for free.

So, say it with me...


Because you most definitely do!

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Wishing you a beautiful and amazing new week!


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