Why you Need to Stop Fighting for your Limitations

It’s common that I come across people who want to transform certain areas of their life. Whether it’s personally or in their business. But the interesting thing about what I’ve been noticing lately is that although these people want change, they are so committed to their stories. They fight to be right and hold on to their limitations.

Consequently, they remain stuck, unable to move beyond their current conditions.

I remember my coach Jim saying to a member of our group on a hot seat who kept clinging to a story that was limiting her.

He asked ‘why are you fighting so hard to hold onto your limitations?!’

When I first heard this; was a huge light bulb moment for me. It was an eye opener because I’ve seen this in my own life and in others. Holding onto stories and beliefs about how bad/tough/difficult things are, unable to see another perspective.

Now I’m not saying you need to be a Pollyanna, ignoring things that are not working and just saying how great everything is. Not at all! What I’m saying though is that many times you get stuck in your thinking.

Over time, thinking the same thoughts consistently becomes a habit. And when you’re conditioned to think in a certain way, it becomes a pattern in your life. You then continue to perpetrate those patterns over and over again, resulting in frustration as to why you’re not seeing results.

The first step out of this is to be willing to see things differently. To let go of your old way of thinking and lens by which you see things.

From that place, you shift your energy and attention. You’re then able to reframe the situation and see solutions that was always available to you. However, when you’re unwilling to see another perspective, you fight to hold onto your limitations and become a prison of your current conditions.

I invite you to look at an area in your life that’s not working for you. Let me ask…

  • What stories do you have around why it’s not working for you? 
  • What specifically are you making the situation mean?
  • Does the meaning you’re giving it serve you or not? 
  • If not, what's the consequence(s) of continuing to hold onto the meaning and belief? 

And finally…. are you willing to let it go or will you continue to fight for it?

Only YOU can make that choice!


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