Why Starting Small Doesn't Mean Thinking Small

I want to chat about a common misconception I see often in the entrepreneurial space.

This misconception is all about how starting small means thinking small.

Honestly, this cannot be farther from the truth.

In my work with Marie Forleo, I hear her often say ‘Starting small does not mean thinking small’ and she is so bang on on this.

When I hear this, I'm reminded of my old corporate days as a Sr. Category Manager/Buyer for one of the largest retail chains in Canada.

There were small vendors that sold me on their big visions. They didn't let their size stop them and leveraged it to sell me on carrying their products on my store shelves.

They sold me on their products, passion and purpose!

What I admired most about these small vendors wasn't just their ambition, but their willingness to show up and make things happen.

They didn't wait for the 'perfect' moment or the 'perfect' opportunity; they created it.

They did this by pouring their hearts into refining their products, building their brand, and connecting with their customers in ways that left a lasting impression.

This is also available for you.

It's not about the size of your operation, but the size of your dreams and your determination to see them through.

It's about embracing your limited resources as opportunities for innovation and using them to your advantage.

It's understanding that greatness isn't reserved for those with deep pockets.

Greatness is available to anyone bold enough to dream and brave enough to chase those dreams with everything they've got.

So, my dear Dream Life Designer, if you're out there showing up with a small operation and big dreams, I want you to know this:

You are enough.

Your vision matters.

Keep showing up, believing, and taking action.

You've got this!


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