Why it’s Safe to Trust your Desires

How many times have you had something stir inside your soul, only to quickly reject it?

How about seeing someone doing something that lights you’re fire and you think to yourself, ‘Wow, I want to do that! Wouldn’t it be great to be doing that myself?!”

However, as soon as that thought came, another voice follow-up up, screaming, “Who do you think you are to do that? It’ll never happen. You can’t do that!”

Sound familiar? 

When something stirs your soul and a deep desire comes into your awareness, do you trust it? This is not a trick question, but something I deeply want you to consider.

In the past, I had desires that I did not fully trust. The distrust came in the form of “There’s no way I can do that! Who am I to achieve that? It's not safe for me to have and be that.”

Can you relate? Maybe you too have a hard time trusting your visions and desires.

When these fears come up for me, I go to the fundamental truth that a desire is felt when the resources and means to manifest it becomes available. If the resource and means for its manifestation were not available, then the desire would not have been felt in the first place. The means may be outside of your awareness, but it still exists. 

So how can you begin to trust your desires, and start to recognize the means to fulfill them? Well, first begin to believe that the means to its attainment is already at hand. Know that the way to its fulfillment is present NOW. 

Whatever goals and desires you have, the means to make is happen is already here! All it takes is your willingness to show up, and keep your attention on them regardless of the voice that says, “Who me?” Your job is to take inspired action that comes to your awareness regardless of how uncomfortable it may be. Be relentless in pursuit of your heart’s calling.

Remember too, that your desire came from Source. I believe that Source experiences life through us. The desire we want is because Source also wants the same for us. We are part of Source’s physical manifestation and we honour this power when we come alive and fully live, expressing the amazing gifts given to us.

Do not let the illusions of this world lead you to quit. Illusion of disappointment, failure, criticism, and competition. These may be bumps on the road, or delays in your journey, but definitely not a dead end to your dreams.

Trust in your visions and desires, because they are your future reality.


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