Why It’s Never Too Late to Start

Why It’s Never Too Late to Start

I’ve been coaching inside Marie Forleo’s brilliant B-School program, and something I noticed during this first week was the amount of mature members joining for the first time. Beautiful and incredible souls who've decided to finally answer their inner calling.

They’ve spent their lives caring for their families, doing work that wasn’t fulfilling, but allowed them to provide for their families. And now, some of them have grown children and they’ve come to recognize that their time is NOW.

Some were afraid that it was too late for them (spoiler alert… It’s NOT!).

It’s NEVER too late to go after your goals and dreams. To work on something that feels aligned and on purpose.

I’ve seen much evidence of this lately and I absolutely LOVE it!

Here’s the thing, no matter your age (young or mature), if you have a calling and gifts to share, then it’s your obligation to get out there and share it with those that need it most. It’s a selfish act to keep your gifts to yourself.

Furthermore, you have gifts that can earn you money while helping others, but you keep holding yourself back. Consider what it’s costing you to operate from this place.

Wanna know the cost?!


Sooner or later, you’ll recognize that the world needs you! And Spirit will keep calling, waiting for you to step up and start. The voice will get louder and louder.

Dr. Michael Beckwith beautifully and famously said, ‘Pain pushes us until our vision pulls’. I love seeing them now being pulled by their powerful vision.

Whether it’s creating a community of like minded people, writing a book, or taking years of experience and turning it into a business (without a cap to your earning potential), you can do this. Recognize that your experience is your superpower!

If you have the dream, then the means and resources for its attainment is at hand. I love thinking about the late great Louise Hay, who started Hay House in her 60’s. Hay House is arguably the largest publisher for the top personal development authors.

Can you imagine all the incredible authors that came through Hay House that we would’ve been deprived of, had Louise felt she was too old to start? Thank goodness she followed her heart, and answered the call!

How about you?

No matter your age, what’s something you want to bring forth into this world?

What do you want to create and share, so others can be served through YOUR work?


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