This is Why You're Feeling Stuck and Not Getting the Results You Want

This is Why You're Feeling Stuck and Not Getting the Results You Want

Like many people, you may be feeling stuck, struggling and frustrated with lack of results in your life and business.

If this is you, you may be caught up in one or more of these four things that's keeping you from getting the results you want.

The first is your thoughts and emotions.

Here's the thing, your dominant thoughts and emotions always win. If you're filled with thoughts about why you can’t have your goals and dreams and feel bad that you don’t have it, then that’s what you’re creating. 

Ask yourself...

How do I need to think and feel to create the outcomes I want?

Sit with this question and journal it out.       

For me, when I start to think and place my attention on things that don't serve me, I remind myself that my thoughts are an illusion. They're not real. What's real is my ability to think and because I am the thinker of my thoughts, that means I have dominion and power over my thoughts. I then shift my attention to something better. This is based on Jim Fortin's Master Thought Formula (MTF)

The second thing keeping you from getting the results you want is you're connecting your self-worth to your accomplishment.

Understand that you can't manifest what you want and desire if you’re not already enough without it.

You don’t get what you want, but who you are. 

Do you think you're not good enough, smart enough, know enough and feel like an imposter? 

Recognize that this is keeping you stuck and away from what you truly want!

Also, be aware of destination addiction... a belief that 'happiness is in the destination or can be found elsewhere and not in the present moment'. Destination addiction keeps you from the present moment, which is where creation happens. 

Please know that you're enough as you are. Show up for your goals with confidence. Be happy with where you're at, even if you haven't already achieved your goals. It's not about the destination. Don't tie your results to your self-worth.

KNOW that you're enough either way.

The third thing that's keeping you from the results you want is your environment. You become your environment. Take a look at your current environment.

  • Does it serve you or cause chaos?
  • What needs to go or be introduced NOW in your environment to support you?
  • What un-negotiable standards and boundaries can you set for your environment?
  • Does your environment support you?

Don't forget to look at your relationships, home, office space/desk, car, wallet/purse, thoughts, actions/habits. Take inventory and make necessary changes where needed.

The fourth thing keeping you from getting what you want are your actions.

Here's the thing, you need to take action to be the cause to the effects you want.

What actions can you take daily and weekly to support your business and personal goals? (i.e. networking, journaling/mindset work, working out, messaging/marketing, sales etc.).

You need to show up and do the work. The good thing is that, when your thoughts and emotions are aligned to your goals, you'll easily take action. It'll come naturally, hence the importance of the first factor. 

To get the results you want, ask yourself:

What do I want and who do I need to be to attain it?

Keep going and working towards your goals. Your success is inevitable.


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