The Mistake That's Keeping You From Your Good

I remember back when my sister and I had our wellness business.

There was a large corporate contract we had that was our bread and butter. It was more money a month than we’d ever seen nor thought we could earn.

A few years into this contract, they decided to take it in-house and no longer needed to contract it out.

As a result, that contract ended.

I remember the utter disappointment, panic and fear that set in. Tightness in my chest, and feeling like I’ve been sucker punched in my stomach as I read those words.

Although it felt like we hit rock bottom at the time, it became the solid foundation that led to my knowing of the concept of channel vs true Source of supply of my goods.

I’ve written about this before and I want to remind you again of this beautiful and powerful truth.

Your true Source of supply (money, joy, wealth etc) comes from an unlimited supply.

Don’t mistake your channels (your business, investments, jobs etc.) as your sources of supply. They are simply channels that money (or whatever it is you want) come to you.

My sister and I, upon hearing the end of the contract, mistook it to mean that our source of money into our business ended. And hence why it had such a negative impact on us.

Yes, it’s natural to be disappointed and worried, and feel a sense of lack.

But when you understand and lean into this truth, you can then tune and tap into the energy of Source. This spiritual energy that created the entire Universe.

Remember, the name you call this Spiritual energy does not matter. I call this energy God. Choose what fits with your spiritual practice.

But know this entity is your true Source.

This Source has unlimited channels that your mind cannot even conceive of. And the channels begin to open up and become available to you, when you connect and tap into it.

You deserve to live an abundant life.

If it’s financial abundance you want, then begin to tap into the power of the universe to attract the money.

This Source is never late and ALWAYS on time.

Trust and let it be your guide.

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