That Overnight Success was years in the making!

Have you ever read or seen an interview of someone in your industry or anyone whom you admired that reached a high level of success that you aspire too?

Have you ever felt a pang of envy wishing you had the same level of success they had?

Heck, even just half of it would be great!

Yeah, I’ve been there too. 

You see someone who seems to have come up from nowhere and just seem to be everywhere and crushing it! Everything they touch seems to turn to gold and you wish you had the secret formula that they had to be an overnight success.

Something I’ve come to know about these so-called “overnight success” is that most of them were years in the making. Yes, there are those small few that seem to have things fall into their laps, but those are not the norm.

Many of the people you admire, whether they’re in your industry or not, had put in a tremendous amount of hard work for years prior to them seeing the success they now have. 

I’ve seen people get so frustrated and down on themselves because of where they’re at. They research people they admire for inspiration, but then find themselves feeling even more frustrated because they then compare where they’re starting out to someone else who is much further along.

This is a huge mistake because many of these high achievers will tell you that their so-called overnight success you see took time, hard work, dedication, and setbacks along the way. Oftentimes they started exactly where you started and it was only through hard work, dedication, faith, and perseverance that they achieved the high level of success that they now have.

Know that their success did not just magically happen and come about overnight. They went through similar journey that you now embark on. Even though things may seem slow or even stagnant for you right now, you are exactly where you need to be for your growth and development. 

Lasting success takes a lot of work and time. You need to lay the foundation to build sustainability in your success. This can be long, hard, tedious, and takes time to develop. It’s also important to remember that overnight success is not always a good thing, because you will not be prepared to handle it. 

Stay consistent and enjoy and celebrate the small successes that you get along the way, and use it to help you build momentum and to keep going. 

So now I ask, how can you put in the time to prepare for your “overnight success”?


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