Thank you Mandela for answering your calling. Now it is our time.

We lost an icon this past week. As all of you may know, Nelson Mandela transitioned this past Thursday. Anyone who knows of his story knows just what an amazing person he was and what he stood for.

As I watched some tribute specials to him that night and heard more of his story, I could not help but feel called. This calling I’ve felt before, but many times as life would have it, my calling would take a back seat to what appears to be my current priorities.

However, this past Thursday, the calling came back stronger. This calling, I know is not meant for a select few. We are all meant to do something great and contribute to the world, and influence people around us and make their lives better. 

There are many people that feel small and think that they do not have it takes to make a difference. They look at where they came from and feel so limited, both in their resources and capabilities. However, when you look at someone like Mandela who did not have the resources, but was able to look inside to accomplish all that he had. He liberated a whole nation and inspired the world.

We may not accomplish what he did in his lifetime, but how many of us can spread love, light, inspiration and forgiveness to those whom we come in contact with.

What about your family? Can you strive to inspire your family and show up for them each and everyday? How about in your workplace or business? How can you become a better leader and show others that they really matter and you truly care about their well-being? Can you call up a former friend that wronged you and show them compassion and forgiveness?

As I look at Mandela’s life and the legacy he left behind and all the people that he inspired, I feel called in someway to give back. His legacy inspires me to be more of service to you. There are about 300 of you I have the privilege of sharing my work each and every week, through email.

Small number to some, but one I am highly committed to and take great responsibility in. I am even more committed to help you achieve all that you want for yourself, because I know we are a global community and what happens to one affects the rest. When you succeed, I succeed. There is no separation.

So in honour of this amazing man who did so much for us, let us be inspired to take on the torch he left for us. Let’s look at what he was able to accomplish and the hero that he was. Let us see a reflection of his heroic qualities in ourselves, because we all have it. It lays dormant inside of us, waiting to be activated. Will you join me?


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