Stuck in a Corporate Job? How to FINALLY escape the 9 to 5 and do what you LOVE

Recently, I was thinking about my corporate days working full time, commuting 2+ hours a day. I remember when my son was a baby, and was the first kid to arrive at daycare and the last to be picked up because of my commute.

I'd get home feeling frustrated, exhausted and depleted.

Something had to give!

And finally it did…

I committed to go all in on my passion.

I put a plan in place to transition fully into my business.

So… what does it take to transition from a corporate job into your own business full time?

I’ve been asked this question many times, because I’ve done it… twice!

If your intention is to transition full-time into your business this year, here are some considerations that’ll help you as you work towards this goal.


Give yourself an end date!

Don’t just say you want to leave your corporate job. Give yourself a deadline and make a plan towards it.

From this place you also give your goal ENERGY. It lights the fire and becomes fuel to work on your business.

I used my ‘end date’ to map out how many clients I’d need to bring in by that date. How much from my job I’d save and put towards my living expenses, without the predictable income.

And funny enough, when I did this, I actually felt better about my job. There was no longer a feeling of ‘I’m stuck here’, but now something to work towards. I also didn’t get caught up in office drama that sucked energy. I was no longer available for it.

There was a sense of ‘not my issues’ and I just showed up and did my thing without getting caught up. Which again made work more fun and manageable.

I want to call out though, if you come to your 'exit date' and you’re not ready yet, that’s ok. Do NOT take it as a failure. Rather, choose a new date. Adjust your plan, course correct and keep working towards your goal.


Cut back on your expenses

Where can you start cutting back on your expenses in order to save more money? I know in this day and age it may feel difficult to do with the increase in cost of living.

I have to say, personally this was more applicable to me when I stopped working. I made the mistake of shopping and spending like I still had consistent income, which led to dwindling in my savings.

So for you, think ahead and put a plan in place, so you don’t get into the feast and famine roller coaster that many entrepreneurs face.

From this place you’ll be more empowered and show up with a different energy. And attract dream clients you love to work with.


Consider how much you need to bring in from your expenses

Think about your lifestyle expenses and how much you need to bring in from your business to maintain it.

Let’s say your household expenses are $3000/mth. And from savings from gas, commute etc. you’re saving $1000/mth. That means you have to pull in at least $2000 a month from your business.

If you're a coach with a $750/mth coaching package. That means your goal is to attract 3 clients paying you consistently $750 a month. That’s $2250/mth (750x3) with $250 as a cushion every month.

Now this is simplifying the math as you’ll have additional costs of doing business, but this is just to give you an idea.


Adjust the way you look at your corporate job

One of the things that kept me stuck was seeing my job as soul sucking. The 'thing' that was keeping me from my goals and dreams.

As a result, I was in a spiral of negative energy. Hating that I was not doing what I love and feeling like a victim and trapped.

Luckily, I had the insight to shift my energy and perception about my job. I started to see my job as a silent investor, that was not only paying for my bills, but ALSO allowing me to invest in my business (paying for programs, courses and softwares to help me build my business). And it was NOT asking for any share in it. All I had to do was spend 5 days a week there.

From that perception and energy, I felt GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION.

Know what happened as a result?

I felt better and happier. Added to the fact that I had an exit date, made me feel EMPOWERED and more in control.

Now if you’re full-time in your business, but hate a particular area of your business that you want to transition from, you can use the same principles for this as well.


Remember: You deserve to do work you love. Imagine all that opens up for you, when you make great money doing what you LOVE!

It really is possible, and if I can support you in any way with this, simply hit reply for ways I can support you.


P.s. If you want to hear me dish more about this. Head on over to Youtube where I shared a video snippet from a live I did inside my old membership program. I give a little more info in the video too. Click here to watch. And while you’re there, I’d love for you to hit the subscribe button, like and share. Would mean the world to me, so I can help more people with this.


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