Spring Clean your Inner Home

It's officially spring! Although fall is my favourite season, I am so happy to have spring upon us! I love the longer days, warmer weather and lighter feel of the season.

With the advent of warmer weather, we look to "spring" clean our homes, pack up the winter clothing, and redo our home decor in favour of nice spring colours and accessories.

As we go about this physical clean up of our homes, I want to remind you to also look to your inner home as well. It is important to look within and do a "spring" clean up of your emotional being.

Ask yourself "Is there any resentment, judgement or grudge that I am holding onto? Is there anyone or situation I need to release and forgive? Are there any attachments I've been holding onto that is causing me pain and suffering, whether in business, work, relationship or family? Is there shame that I am feeling that I need to release and share with a friend, who has earned the right to hear it (got this one from an amazing Super Soul Sunday show today!)"

This is the time to clean your inner home of these negative emotions that are slowing your progress and breathe in the fresh air of love and happiness.

Next check in on your thoughts. Are there any constant self-talk and stories running your life that does not serve you that needs to be cleared out?

Listen to your self-talk and see if they sound like; "I'm not good enough, I can't, or Good things never happen to me". Instead try replacing them with words such as "I can, I will, I am abundant, I deserve it and my favourite I am worthy!"

Your thoughts and self talk creates the world you see and experience.

The beginning of spring offers us a great opportunity to take inventory of our emotional well-being as we welcome the warmth of spring.

Remember your outer world and experiences are a direct reflection of what is happening internally. This is a great time to check in and clean up anything that is blocking you from experiencing a beautiful and miracle filled life that we are all meant to experience.

Take this opportunity as you ready your home for spring to make sure that your inner home is cleaned up as well.


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