Own your Power!

I was having a conversation the other day with a close friend of mine. She was sharing with me a difficult situation a friend of hers was going through.

Basically this friend is in a relationship that she is unsure about and at times does not feel is right for her. However, she feels financially dependent on this man thus, she feels compelled to stay.

My friend also confided in me how in the past she had this feeling herself. She felt in some ways she gave her partner her power and felt she would be lost without him in her life.

This led me to thinking of just how little some of us know and own the power we have. Whether the power to provide for ourselves or the power to be able to set and accomplish goals.

I have to admit, I've been lucky in this department. I've always felt the knowing that I had the power to control my destiny. That I can do and be whatever my heart feels called to do.

I sometimes feel frustrated when I hear someone with similar background as me who takes on the victim role, and then uses it as an excuse to remain inactive and blames their circumstances or the economy, parents, spouse, employer, customer you name it!

It is my greatest desire that people can realize the power they have inside to change any circumstances that they are in. Some may require more work than others, but it truly is possible.

This is such sweet music to my ears and leaves a beautiful taste in my mouth because it means that I and only I can do this! So, I do not have to ask permission nor beg anyone to change my circumstances as it is all up to ME!

I think the reason why I've been able to achieve a lot of my goals and feel this power within is that I refused to think any different. I know my mind is my greatest asset to help me achieve anything.

I could have easily let me past circumstances dictate what I can or cannot achieve and played the victim role, and be dependent on sources outside of myself. Statically, I should not have been able to achieve all that I have.

My family moved to Nigeria when I was less than a year old. At 6 years of age, my mother took myself and my 2 sisters back to Canada.

My mother did not know where she was going and decided on Ottawa. With $40 and 3 girls in tow she came to Ottawa. She made numerous phone calls to see where to take her 3 little girls, and then we ended up in YWCA for the night and then at a woman's shelter until she found a place for us to live in a subsidized apartment.

Now I know what statistics would say for my adult life. But even as a young girl in a woman's shelter and subsidized house I felt ABUNDANT! I guess the thing is, you don't really miss what you never had, but I never felt poor.

Yes, as I got older there were times I felt bad for not having stuff that other kids had, but I think the majority of kids go through that. I believe my feeling of being able to influence my life is what has powered it to turn out the way it has so far.

It saddens me when I encounter people who complain about their circumstances, but refuse to take action because "it's someone else's fault" why they are in the situation that they are in.

They refuse to follow their dreams because they feel that they don't have the power to achieve it. Yes, there are obstacles, you may have a family to provide for, but please remember THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY!!! YOU and only YOU are the one that can change that, and it all starts with changing your mindset of what you believe you can be and achieve.

It is not a matter of if, but when! It is important to have faith in your dreams and goals, and your work is to take consistent inspired action, have faith in your dreams and goals then step out of the way and allow God/Universe to catch up to your dreams.

It's time to stop being a victim and become response-able for our lives!


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