My Special Quick Short Message For You…

Quick short message today, as you enter into what is undoubtedly one of the most busiest and hectic weeks for many… getting ready for Christmas and the holiday hustle and bustle.

I wanted to take a moment to connect with you today and invite you to take some time this week... to pause.

Pause to reflect and honour all you’ve accomplished this year.

Pause to give thanks for showing up as you’ve done.

Pause to forgive yourself and others for maybe not showing up as, and in ways you’ve liked.

Pause to express gratitude to the Source of all creation. Acknowledging all the blessings in your life, and opening yourself up to even more beautiful and abundant blessings.


Pause to receive these words:

You are loved.

You are seen.

You are heard.


And whatever you're going through and feeling in this moment (and always) matters.

I am grateful for you.


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