My heart hurts...

There are times in life when finding the right words to express my feelings is difficult. I had a post originally planned to go out to you today, but after hearing of the tragic crash in Saskatchewan, I felt called to change my post.

If you live in Canada, then I know you've already heard the news.

A bus carrying junior hockey team, Humboldt Broncos to a playoff game in Saskatchewan Canada collided with a transport truck on a rural highway. As of this writing, 15 of the 29 passengers have been killed in the devastating crash.

It’s hard at times like this to even know what to say. All I can say and do is to drop down on my knees and pray.

Pray for the victims, and their families that are left to pick up the pieces and try to cope with their loss.

As someone who spent may hours traveling on a bus in my University days as a member of Ryerson Rams Women’s Varsity Basketball team, I remember those bus trips filled with joy, laughter and a time of bonding with my team. To think about what this team went through breaks my heart.

As a parent, my heart aches for the parents who are trying to cope with what has just transpired. I cannot even imagine what they must be going through.

Again, all I know to do is pray. Pray for their strength, comfort and ability to get through this.

I always try to see what lessons I can find within the darkness. I’ve seen an outpouring of love and support to the families and community, across my great country. I also think about what I can do to honour these angels whose faces continue to appear across my Facebook feeds. The only answer I have is to show up with love.

And so this week, I want to say to you, that I love you. I love that you are here reading these words. I pray that you feel my love and are safe and comfortable. I pray that something amazing and wonderful shows up for you today. I pray that you find peace, joy and happiness this week.

And I hope you share that joy, peace and happiness with those around you, so it spreads even further.

Please join me in prayer as we send love and peace to the victims, their families, and those that continue to hurt every day across our world. Our prayers are powerful and I know can bring comfort to those that need it.


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