Life's Calling! How will you Answer?

Do you ever feel like there is something longing inside of you, desperate to be expressed? Do you have an unmet need or desire that you are afraid to look at and pursue out of fear? Fear of failure or even fear of success?

This is a feeling that many people go through day after day, and something that I felt called to write about today.

There are people who have this burning desire to do something impactful with their lives, to make a statement and honour a higher calling; a calling from Life itself.

The truth is we all have this calling. Some of us just hear it more often and louder than others.

Unfortunately, many times when we hear this voice, we give in to the thought of "being realistic or choosing a more comfortable or stable road."

Thank goodness Edison, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, and of course, lady O (those that know me know that I am of course referring to Oprah)! Thank God that they and many others did not listen to the voice of people outside of them who told them that they were not capable of achieving what they were able to.

Thank goodness that they listened and honoured and embraced that voice within them that said; "Yes it's possible! Keep going!"

There have been many times in my life when the work to become the best version of myself has been difficult, tiring, and lonely. Times when I'm asked, "how will you make money with X? or why are you working a full time job, a business, writing, coaching, and being a mom and wife?"

Sometimes, I know I fall short on one or more of my responsibilities. However, the deep desire, the knowing, that voice inside me that keeps giving me a glimpse to my future keeps me going.

The calling that when I am doing what I love, time flies, and I could do it for hours and I would do it without even getting paid. This has often been the case.

There are times when I fail to live up to the version of myself that I know that I can be, and at those times, the best thing I can do is forgive myself and try again. Those are the times that I turn inward and revisit my Whys? I visualize the life that is calling me.

I take a step in faith and know like Dr. King said, I do not have to see the entire staircase, but I just have to take the first step.

Part of answering my calling is knowing when to invest in myself.

There are people that I come across that are so desperate to be more, know more, and live a more fulfilled life. Yet, they are unwilling to do the work or invest the time needed for them to progress, or in programs that will help them move past the barriers that keeps them from living their best life.

I've had friends in the past that have commented on me being gullible and easily believing in things. But I know and honour this as my willingness to trust and have faith. And thank God I did.

There have been so many blessings and opportunities that have opened up to me, which would not have been had I not had the faith and courage to pursue them. Were there lessons learned? Absolutely (note I said lessons and not failures)!

Every step I take takes me closer to my goals, and I work to use every lesson that comes my way to determine my next steps.

Answering the call also requires stepping outside of my comfort zone. Writing to you every week is definitely one of them.

There are times my ego would act up and say; "What the heck are you doing? You know sh$t and who are you to give your opinions and share your message? Nobody is even reading nor do they care. And if they are, they are just doing it as a favour!"

But then I go inward and listen to the voice of love within me that tells me; "Tell your truth and share the messages that have resonated with you. People want and people NEED to hear it."

And then like clockwork, I would get an email saying "Thank you for that post. I really needed to read that today!" Or "I love this one! It was meant just for me!" I know when those emails come, it is God's way of telling me to keep going, keep listening, and fully express the desire that is calling me.

We can hide it; numb it, but that voice is part of us. It will keep calling and keep us up at night, give us that dissatisfaction in the gut of our stomach and that comfortable feeling that only comes from not living a fully expressed life! It is the unquenchable thirst that we all feel when we are not living our purpose.

So please the next time you feel or hear that small voice pulling you to something that excites and takes you outside of your comfort zone, why not take it as your nudge to take action; even a small step. Before you know it, you would have already climbed the entire staircase!


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