Last Quarter, Best Time to Give Full Expression to Your Goals & Dreams

So yesterday, I was speaking to a friend I haven't spoken to in quite some time. She was telling me how after a bit of a pause in a business she's passionate about, she's ready to re-commit and focus on it.

She mentioned how when she first had this idea, there was no one doing it. Today, it seems like everybody and their grandma is doing the exact same thing!

Something I reminded her was that ideas have energy. When you have a dream and calling, it longs to be expressed. This idea has to come alive.

If you have a vision, yet fail to act on it, this idea will also be received by another channel.

Maybe you’ve experienced this. You had an idea, yet didn’t act on it. All of a sudden you see it everywhere.

Recognize, this idea needs to be expressed and will be brought into manifestation by an open and willing channel.

So, I turn to you...

What dreams and calling is longing to be expressed through you?

Are you willing to take action and show up for it?

Today is a new month and quarter.

Three months left to recommit to your goals and dream and start planting the seeds.

No matter how big or small your goals may be, you have the abilities and capabilities to make it happen.

So, ask yourself... 'What thoughts, beliefs, and things, will I let go of that's holding me back?'

What's preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself, keeping you from giving full expression to your dreams?

This new month is a great time to finish the year strong and set a solid foundation for the New Year.

A solid foundation that’ll allow your goals and dreams to feel welcome and fully expressed.

Here's to a beautiful and amazing new month!

It's time to show up daily and take one small action towards your goals and dreams.

p.s. Make no mistakes about this... even if others ARE doing it, they're not you and this idea will not be expressed in YOUR unique way. 😉


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