It’s time to play the music inside of you!

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know how much I’ve admired and followed the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer.

This man was someone who exuded love and compassion at the core of his being. Millions of people have been influenced by his work. His work has changed and saved many lives.

As you must know by now, our beloved teacher transitioned onto the next phase of his journey.

This being truly shocking news, I must say I felt devastated and truly at loss. But at the same time, there was a quiet voice within me that said, “Wayne has now passed the baton. He has taught his lesson and we must now continue with his work. OUR work.”

I have many colleagues and friends whom I consider light workers and healers (actually we ALL are, whether we acknowledge it or not).

There’s a movement that’s evident in our planet.

A movement to living fully, passionately and on purpose!

There’s a need to reject past beliefs that holds us back, and turn inward for our happiness. To love completely and be of service to others.

I am forever grateful and changed by Wayne’s work and words. I’m no different than the millions whose life he impacted. But, it's now up to us who mourn the physical lost.

It is now up to us to carry on and live his teachings. To show love and compassion wherever we go. To forgive quickly, and play our music while we’re alive and not die with our music still left in us, as Wayne often said.

So, I turn to you. What music’s inside your heart that longs to be expressed and shared with the world? Isn’t it time you played and shared that music?

Isn’t it time you fully expresses your calling and honour what makes you come alive? You were born to shine.

Let us honour this beloved teacher’s life by living his message and showing up fully in our time here.

The baton has been passed. It is now our race to run.

Will you step up or continue to let your fears keep you stuck? Standing at the starting line watching others run the race. Yes, some runners may stumble and fall.

Some may be excruciatingly slow, and last in the pack. But guess what, they’re still running. Let us honour Dr. Wayne Dyer’s legacy by tightening up our shoelace and joining the race.

Thank you Wayne Dyer for playing your music with so much love and passion.

Your legacy lives on forever!


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