Important Reminders in Turbulent Times

I know you’re well aware of the high level of panic and anxiety happening in our world right now. It’s hard to miss. You may be in the gripe of it yourself. Feels like we’re living out scenes from a movie.

If you’ve been caught in all this energy (which is hard not to), I want to remind you of some fundamental truths that I hope you hold onto, especially if you're experiencing a high level of stress. I’ll also share a powerful tool that has the power to help you through this highly anxious time.

Please note: this does NOT replace direction from credible trusted medical professionals, but I wanted to offer additional support to help you as you navigate this unusual state we’re in.

1) Everything always has been, is now, and always will be fine

I know it seems like the world is in chaos right now, but when you remember that everything will always be fine, you can see this as fleeting. Know you're safe, loved and with anything, this too shall pass.

2) You are where your attention is

It's important to know what to do to stay safe, but please do not inundate yourself with all the doom and gloom noise that’s out there. Stay informed, but limit your time watching the news, social media and focus on health, ease and peace. Worrying will lower your immune system. What you give your attention to, you feed and expands, so only feed what you want to grow.

3) E+R=O (Events + Response = Outcomes)

Jack Canfield shares this equation in his amazing book 'Success Principals'. We cannot control events happening around us and the actions of others, but the only way we can influence the outcome is in our response. This is where our power lies.

How are you responding to these events? Are you letting it consume you and keep you in fear, which again lowers your immune system? Are you freaking out and going to the store buying excess stock and hoarding food and toilet paper, which causes even more panic for others? Or are you responding in a more empowered way by heeding safety suggestions, while staying out of worry and anxiety? Are you using tools you know will help you stay calm?

When you respond in an empowered way, you're able to then influence a positive outcome.

And if you're experiencing physical anxiety over this, I'd love to remind you of the power of tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique). I’ve been using this lately, as I tend to take on other people’s emotions. What's great about tapping is that you can feel the relief physically. If you're new to EFT, click here for a great resource.

I love EFT expert Brad Yates. He's got tons of FREE EFT videos on Youtube, including this one on clearing fear and worry. Please click here to learn more. 

Here's to a brand new week filled with great health, love, compassion, and peace.


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