If You've Been Struggling with Money, This is for You!

So today, I want to share with you a popular post I regularly share inside my Dream Life Designer Membership, as I've been seeing so many people caught up in the money stuff.

Something I know to be true is that regardless of outside circumstances, you have the ability to attract money into your life.

I've been taught these lessons from my mentors over the yearsand seen it to be true in my own life and those I work with. 

💵  Money comes from your consciousness, which is your energy/attention + frequency.
💵 Change your frequency and your money changes. #FACT
💵 Money does NOT equal effort. If that was the case, the harder you work the more money you'd make and we've seen many people work very hard, yet don't make a lot of money.
💵 Whatever your consciousness is, the Universe bends to it.
💵 However you feel about money, will be the experience you have. Remember point above.... everything bends to your consciousness.
💵 Stop thinking about 'earning' money and start 'attracting' money. Trust me, there's a BIG difference in this.
💵 There's always someone willing to pay at YOUR price point.
💵 When it comes to managing your money, work from peace of mind, vs. fear, lack and scarcity.
💵 When it comes time to invest in yourself and your business, do you find yourself saying 'It's too expensive. I don't have the time or money. Maybe I'll wait till next time. I'll do it when it's cheaper or goes on sale'? Do you find your clients and prospects are saying the EXACT same thing to YOU and YOUR OFFERS? It's no coincidence. Your results are a REFLECTION of who you're BEING.
💵 Your true Source of money/wealth/abundance is unlimited. Don't mistake your channels for your true Source of supply.
💵 You will never become rich, until you FEEL rich.
💵 Work from money piles up for me, and you'll begin to see great shifts.
💵 To earn more money in your business, focus on service and expansion. To the degree of expansion you provide for others, is the degree that wealth shows up for you.
💵 Give with an open heart, without expecting something in return. Give for the sheer joy of giving to others. 
💵 When it comes to your work, VALUE the value you provide. Really think about this one.

BONUS LESSON: Have an attitude of gratitude. When you start living from gratitude, you start to vibrate wealth and abundance. When you pay your bills, THANK your money and thank the resources you received in exchange (ie. phone, food, home etc.)!

P.s. Next month, I'm going deep into these lessons inside my Dream Life Designer Membership. Again, no matter the economic conditions, you CAN attract more money! This will be the focus next month, so my members can really master the art of attracting the wealth they desire.


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