looking at the financial aspects of your business

If You're Not Doing This, Then You're Treating Your Business Like a Hobby

So let me ask you, have you started looking at your business financials?

I'm going to be tough on you today and say if you don't have a target for your business, then get honest that what you have is a hobby.


Business requires you to know and understand what makes you money and determine your profitability.

❓ What are your money makers

❓ What ROI (return on investment) are you getting based on the money and time you're investing into your business

❓ The marketing and activities you're doing, is it actually translating to $$$ for your business


It's important to understand the areas of your business that's driving your sales and the ones that are NOT making money. From there you can make strategic decisions that lead to long term success.

Without it you'll just be 'doing' activities not knowing what works and what doesn't.

You are business LEADER and as such, it's important to be on top of your business and know what's driving it.


✨ Set your annual goals (including financials)

✨ Break it down into monthly (and account for seasonality)

✨ Allocate your sales (per month) across all your offerings

✨ Understand how many units/people you need to attract in order to achieve those numbers

✨ Monitor your progress

✨ Adjust where needed


It does not have to be scary.

It can actually be fun, if you allow it to be.

You were meant to have a THRIVING business, doing what you love.

It's time to show up for it, and play full out!


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