How to Give Yourself Space and Grace While Still Staying Accountable

How to Give Yourself Space and Grace While Still Staying Accountable

Last year in my Dream Life Designer Membership, one of my members asked a brilliant question.

She asked, ‘how do I give myself space and grace while still being accountable to my goals and dreams.’

Such a great question right?

So for me, space and grace is all about giving myself compassion and time, when I don't show up as I'd like to.

Here’s the thing. There are times when we don't show up as we planned to. We miss deadlines, fall off track, and procrastinate. In these moments, we first need to acknowledge and recognize them and have self compassion.

When you beat yourself up for not doing what you wanted to, what benefit do you get? This only leads to frustration and judgment, which then deters you from showing up in the future.

I then look at what I DID do?

There was a time last year when recording a new podcast episode was on my deliverables for 4 weeks running and I didn’t get it done. But I ALSO recognized that I published 2 major books with 30 authors all within a month and half timeframe. It was a ton of work for me and my team!

When I looked back at what was done during that time, I was damn proud of myself, regardless of missed deadlines.

It's important to also identify when you're in the trenches, and give yourself time during this period and honour your emotions at those times.

The trenches can look different for everyone. It might be major deadlines in your business, or working on your business while the kids are at home due to more restrictions like I recently had in my province. Or it can be a sickness, loss or major life events.

The member that asked this question got married during that time, which is a true definition of being in the trenches.

Being in the trenches oftentimes comes with major emotional stress, which can feel MORE exhausting than physical. These moments ('trenches) call for more self care, healing, sleep and focus on your health. GIFT yourself that if you’re in it.

From a tactical standpoint, it’s also important to identify the ONE big thing and make peace with the fact that this one thing is your priority. This was the case for me when I made publishing a focus as I had 30 authors depending on me to make them a published author and so I needed to show up for them. No shame or blame in putting a new podcast recording on the back burner.

Proper planning is another important piece. If you’ve worked with me, then you know how important proper planning is for me. It goes WAY beyond a to-do list, and goal setting. This was our Masterclass this month inside my Dream Life Designer Membership.

Don't just set goals and plans, but ALSO identify what needs to happen to achieve it. How long will each task take and then look at your life, schedule and priorities and see what may interfere with it and then ACCOUNT for it, so you don't get caught up.

Think about what additional skills and support you'll need to make your goals happen, and what contingency needs to be built in.

You can see how thinking through all of this and having a proper plan helps you stay committed and accountable, can you not?

I invite you to look at your patterns and see how often you are NOT being accountable and committed. This may be a habit and narrative for you and ask 'what is this costing me?' (powerful question) Then get the help and support you need to work through it.

This is what we do inside the Dream Life Designer Membership. If you want me to support you this year then click here to learn more. Prices will be increasing next time we open up, so don’t miss your chance to lock in at this current price.

Here’s to giving yourself space and grace and having the right support to do it.


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