How to Allow and Honour the Season You're In

It’s clear that the last couple of years have been quite the roller coaster for many people.

Depending on your business, you may have seen your business decrease drastically, close completely, had to pivot or possibly... you saw great increase in growth due to the move to online space.

You may possibly have been, and still are, in what is known as the trenches.


What’s the trenches, you ask?

It’s the time when you feel overwhelmed with your roles and responsibilities.

You feel exhausted, time starved, unable to come up for breath. You may feel lost, alone and confused

Maybe you’re struggling, working REALLY HARD, yet you’ve not achieved the breakthrough you desire.


Here’s the thing about life and business.

We have ebbs and flows; and that’s ok.

It’s ok to honour the season you’re in.

How do you do that?

It starts by recognizing the season you’re actually in.


Looking back on the last 2 months of 2021, I felt like I was in the trenches.

Publishing and launching two books in a month and half apart.

Planners coming in and having to process existing orders, prep and ship to Amazon.

I also had my membership, private clients, speaking requests and opportunities.

(Not to mention being a mom and getting ready for Christmas for my family.)


There was a lot

But something that helped me in those moments (outside of ensuring I had adequate sleep and exercise) is knowing that it was just a period of time and the busyness has an end date.

Yes, it felt like there was so much to do and I pushed myself. 

And you know what? 

The following week, I relaxed and was stress free. I did not feel the need to get back to everyone that emailed me. I allowed myself to replenish from such a busy time.


This is something you can do for yourself as well.

You may be in a stage in your business when you feel overwhelmed with all the work that needs to be done.

You may feel stuck or like you’re going backwards, feeling frustrated and depleted.

In these moments, self care and compassion is important.


It’s also important to NOT compare your phase and stage with someone else.

We tend to see someone in the harvest stage not recognizing the years they spend planting the seeds. Then end up feeling like you’re doing something wrong or something is wrong with you.


In the moments of being in the trenches, give yourself space and grace. I’ve written about this in the past. 

My brilliant colleague and friend Kristi Soomer shared on her Instagram.

She wrote, “Just like the moon, we all go through phases... a lesson that I feel like I'm learning on repeat in the past two years.

There's growth phases, contraction phases, phases of rest, phases of hustle... so many damn phases.

So, whatever phase you're in for your business or life, know that there is no perfect time to do anything in life. If you haven't 'made it' yet, you're not too late. If you haven't 'found the one' there's still time.

The only timeline that exists is the timeline you create. Remember that.”


How perfect is that?!

You are exactly where you need to be.

Everything is working out for your highest good.

Believe this! ❤️


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