How Saying No to a Good Idea, Led to a Breakthrough for Something Even Greater

I found myself this week scratching a project off my plate.

It was something my team and I put a lot of work in about a year ago, but decided to put on the back burner.

In a planning meeting earlier this week, I decided to scratch the whole project.

I recall saying to my Business Manager, ‘I don't want to do this just for the sake of doing it. I don't see it solving an immediate pain point!’

It was a good idea that could add to an existing product mix, but didn't offer much more. So I decided to scratch it off our plans.

As the week went on, I did something that I wish more entrepreneurs leveraged. That is, to tune into my Spiritual guidance for support.

I asked Spirit to guide me, to show me how this project can solve a big pain point many entrepreneurs, especially heart centred female entrepreneurs have.

And then, as I was going through a platform where my ICA was on, it hit me like a ton of bricks. How I can use the same product but change the way I previously created it to solve a deep and immediate pain point.

It got me so excited that in my next meeting with my team, I shared it excitedly and my Business Manager was just as excited. We even found a way to go much deeper with this product to make it even more powerful and impactful.

Now, you'll have to wait on what this idea is, but trust me... you're gonna LOVE it. ;)

This brought many important lessons that I wanted to share with you today…

  1. It’s ok to pause or say no to something that no longer feels aligned.
  2. Sometimes, saying no to a good idea makes room for a great idea to come through. When you create space, you allow something more expansive and greater to emerge.
  3. When you’re creating an offer, consider if it’s solving a need. Is this something that's providing a solution to something your ICA is actively looking to solve? Does it feel fun and expansive for you to create? If so, then chances are you got a winning idea.
  4. Ask your inner wisdom for guidance and support. Ask for a sign on how to best serve and make it better. And then stay still and quiet to hear what comes and take action on it.

So is there something you’ve been wanting to launch, but something just doesn’t feel right?

Do you feel the need to hit the pause button and tune in first?

Does this idea of yours solve a deep need?

If you’re confused about which way to go, send us an email at [email protected] and let me know.



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