How Nature's Wisdom Holds the Secret to Business Success

In my Dream Life + Business Membership live monthly coaching session last week, an important topic came up that I felt inspired to dig into today.

It was all about honouring the gestation period in your business.

Now, I know you're all about making things happen, like, yesterday.

Trust me, I get it!

But here's the deal... just like the seeds you plant take time to grow into beautiful blooms, your business needs that nurturing time too.

Imagine your business or idea of an incredible offer, is like a tiny seed of potential, bursting with possibilities.

But here's the thing... it needs time.

Time to grow roots, sprout, and to bloom into something truly magnificent.

That's your business journey in a nutshell!

In a world where we're told to hustle and the grind, it can be tempting to rush things.

I know you see these overnight success stories plastered all over social media, and may be wondering why your own journey isn't moving as quick.

But the truth is... success takes time. That 'overnight' success was years in the making!

Think about it. Trees don't grow overnight, and neither do successful businesses.

There's a process, and a journey that needs to be honoured.

It's about laying the foundations, building relationships, and staying true to your vision, even when things get tough.

So, what does honouring the gestation period look like in real life?

For me, it's about strategic planning by setting my goals and milestones, but being flexible enough to pivot when needed.

It's about continuous learning, staying curious, and showing up fully. That's why I'm always investing in my growth and development.

It's about building relationships with my customers, team, partners and myself (this is a big one).

And most importantly, it's about patience, consistency and perseverance.

Trust that your journey is unfolding exactly as it should, even when it feels like you're taking two steps forward and one step back.

Because here's the thing... every setback is just a setup for your growth and eventual success.

So, embrace the journey, trust the process, and honour the gestation period in your business, knowing you're exactly where you need to be.


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