How definitive is your Desire?

I’ve had the pleasure of leading a group of amazing women through Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think and Grow Rich.

We’ve only recently commenced the mastermind program, but boy, what an amazing experience digging through one of the most celebrated personal success and wealth building books ever written!

We just completed the chapter on Desire, and I felt moved to write about that today.

Napoleon writes that desire is “the starting point of all achievement.”

Before we can truly achieve our biggest goals and dreams, we must first start with a definitive desire. This desire is also rooted in our why, which I have written about in the pastIt is desire that sets the stage and distinguishes those who achieve and reach high levels from those that don’t.

Your desire for what you want to accomplish is the starting point and foundation to your success. Why? Because the more definitive and strong your desire is, the more it will sustain you in your journey.

It provides you with clarity for that which you are striving to achieve. It also keeps you focused on the goal, instead of making plans B, C & D before you even gave plan A your all!

Attaining success is not an easy task. Too many people give up easily on their goals. If you research the most successful people in any industry you will come to understand that many of them faced big obstacles.

It was their burning desire and passion that fuelled their efforts and kept them going until they finally reached success. It was their unquenchable thirst that motivated them to show up every day and take consistent action. Even when others thought they were crazy for taking risks and working as hard as they did. Their desire fuelled them!

I’ve come to realize, that personally, I’ve not had this burning desire in quite some time. The lessons from this chapter have led me to re-visit past goals that I have written before the demands of motherhood and wifehood entered my life.

I realize that I have played it safe for a while and did not push myself past my comfort zone. Through these sessions, I’ve been able to re-visit my goals and update them to make them both exciting and scary!

This is very important because for us to have that burning desire, our goals should excite and scare us at the same time. That is when you know you are stretching and reaching past your comfort zone, which is a key ingredient to growth and success.

Have you thought about what you really want out of life? Are there things you want to manifest in your relationship, business, career, etc.? If so, check in on your desire meter. Does it excite and scare you? If not, why not go back and revisit them in order to stretch yourself past your comfort zone. Then share your thoughts and comments below!


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