How Business Owners can Navigate this Time of Uncertainty!

If you're business owners struggling to navigate this time of uncertainty, I want to share some key take-away from a recent Facebook live I did.

Have a read below and see how you can use this time to set your business up for long-term success.

1) Continue to sell your products and services

People need you now more than ever. As you serve and earn, you then have the resources to spend on other businesses which help to keep the economy going.

2) How can you start to pivot your business?

  • Moving your in-person services online⁣
  • Virtual networking⁣
  • What do people need now, that your business can provide a solution for? (i.e.; contact free delivery for food, unique family games for the entire family - to help with boredom, at-home make-up tutorials by makeup artists for moms and teens etc.)⁣

 3) Finish outstanding tasks in your business 

  • Use this time to update your website copy (Is it persuasive enough? Call to action needed? Opt-in offer update etc.⁣)
  • Plan out your podcast launch ⁣
  • Finally, create the online program you've been meaning to create⁣
  • WRITE that book that's been on your to-do or the very least create an outline for it⁣
  • Create an editorial calendar (Email us if you want a free template)

4) Leverage Opportunities

  • If you have a physical product, look to list and sell on Amazon⁣
  • Upload your ebooks on Amazon and create a paperback version⁣
  • Signup to be an Amazon affiliate, so items bought on Amazon using your link, earns you commission and makes you money!⁣

My 3 Pillars for Success

  • Strategy - Create a plan and WORK YOUR PLAN
  • Mindset Mastery - Manage your thoughts, which influences your emotions and feeling, which then impacts your behavior and actions you take. The actions (or inaction) you take determine the results you get. Self-hypnosis/meditation, tapping (EFT) and journaling are some of my favourite tools to master my mindset.
  • Spiritual Practice - Remember that God/Spirit/Universe (enter whatever fits with your spiritual practice) is your TRUE SOURCE OF SUPPLY. Your money, clients, products and services are just your CHANNELS of supply. When one channel closes (temp) there are unlimited channels still available to you. You gain awareness to more channels and opportunities when you tune in and connect to your true Source of supply. 

 There're many opportunities available to you right in this moment. What you'll get more of is what you give your focus and attention to.

And I'll end with one of my favourite lines from A Course in Miracles...

"If you knew who walks beside you on the path that you have chosen, fear would be impossible."

~ A Course in Miracles


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