Here's the Real Scoop on the Creation Process!

Like millions of people that saw the movie The Secret, I too was excited and amazed when I first watched it and then read the book. =

For me, it felt like someone packaged and labeled a lot of the beliefs and principals that resonated with me.

Yes, it is not the first time that these principals were taught, but I do feel it did a great job at bringing this information to the general public and for that I am grateful. It was a start to my spiritual journey into creating a life that I desired, starting with my thoughts.

Now like most people, I agree that the movie was not complete. One of the missing pieces for me was in the creation process.

We were introduced to the creation process which was explained as:


Many people were so excited to hear this and walked away thinking, "Yes, all I have to do is ask, believe and wait till my goals and dreams come to me!"

Now, realistically we know this is not very accurate. For one, it does not address that pesky voice in our head that jumps up and down vying for our attention. That "ego" voice that screams "Yeah right, what the heck do you thinks you're doing?"

It did not deal with this resistance that we all feel as we start doing something that is inconsistent with our current way of being that makes us retreat back to our current thinking.

I've come to believe in a new process of creation that looks like this:


Two very important steps needs to be added.

First one is ACTION! Yes, it would be nice for us not to actively take part in this process and have all our dreams and goals land on our laps, but that will not happen.

As we start living our life in the flow of the Universe and aligning our thoughts and beliefs to this Universal mind, we will be guided and given intuitive messages on what to do. Now sometimes this intuitive message may not make sense, and may (actually most times will) take us out of our comfort zone. We often retreat and then use logic to talk ourselves out of it.

When we turn our backs to this intuitive voice, we stop the creation process and delay our dreams coming to us. We need to take action in order to manifest our goals!

The other important step that was not stressed in The Secret is letting go. I've written about the importance of letting go in the past, and this does not mean you stop caring or drop your goals and desires. No, letting go means to detach from one particular outcome.

This is very difficult for most people to do and the part that stops most of us.

You see, as we do the first 3 steps (ask, believe, action) and then time goes on and we don't immediately see the goals coming to fruition, it is then that we typically retreat. We then go back to our old ways and feel frustrated at the fact that our goals are not materializing.

This feeling of frustration and resistance stops and delays the creation process.

If we can just hang on to the belief that everything we want, everything that is best for our highest good is on its way, that is when the last process of receiving comes easily and effortlessly to us.

However, we must work the first 4 steps, and then the final step of receiving is God/Universe's job. We must remain in a state of allowing in order to receive that which is on its way to us.


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