Here's how to have more passion in your life!

One of the biggest things I hear from people is how they wish to live with more passion.

There are many articles and posts on different ways to find your passion. However, even with all of this, many people seem stuck and wonder how they can finally add more passion and purpose in their lives and in the work they do. 

A lesson that I learnt from one of my mentors that I thought was brilliant and a great lesson for anyone struggling with having more passion is to instead of being worried about finding your passion, you should bring passion into everything that you do.

You just can't sit idly by and have some kind of revelation fall on you. You need to consciously work to bring passion in all that you do. This means working to bring more passion in your role and situation.

Take your current job for example, which is one of the major areas where most people feel less passionate about. Yes, it may not be your ideal role or position, but you have to be able to bring passion to it.

The more you bring passion, the more passion you will begin to experience and have.

Some may find it difficult to add passion in a work they do not love, but it is in those moments that you have to develop the habit of adding passion. You have to bring it into everything that you do.

When you start to do this, something magical happens, all of a sudden, you end up experiencing more passion in all your other ventures. Because you are focusing on and adding passion to one area of your life, it gets magnified in all the other areas as well.

It's important to remember that whatever you feel is missing in your life, is what you need to bring to it. This is especially true for passion.

Take a look at your job, relationship, etc. If you feel like it's lacking passion, make a conscious effort to add more passion to it. Some people wait for their circumstances to change in order for them to feel happy and fulfilled.

This is a backward approach and really one that will never work. You need to make a conscious effort to bring passion to everything that you do.

Here are some strategies you can use to bring more passion into your life:

Reframe your current situation

This is basically changing the meaning you give to your current situation. For example, if you're stuck in 9-5 that you do not enjoy while building your business on the side, you can reframe your perspective of your job from being a soul-sucking activity that takes you away from your dream to an opportunity to fund your dream business. You can also see it as time to get free training and education that will help you when you go fulltime in your business.

Remember the beginning

You can add more passion to your life by also looking at what you first loved about your current situation. This could be again using the job example. Go back to your first day on the job, when you were filled with gratitude and hopeful anticipation and the willingness to show up fully and do your best. This is also great to use when you feel your relationship is lacking passion. Go back and remember the first days/weeks in your relationship and all the things you appreciate about your partner before you started taking each other for granted.

Commit to doing what brings you joy

You can also add more passion into your life by choosing to do something that brings you joy. This could be committing to finally sign up for photography class that you've been thinking about, to rocking out to your favourite music without any care in the world. Also, go back and take on an activity that you loved to do in the past and have some fun with it!

So the next time you feel complacent and not living fully and longing for more passion, use it as a reminder that YOU need to bring more passion into your life, starting from where you're at.

Don't wait for circumstances to change. It will change, once you commit to making the change.


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