Happy Birthday to Me!

spirit Aug 10, 2014

Today is a special day for me! I sit here grateful to be celebrating my 35th birthday! Every birthday I love to reflect back on the year and take note of all the blessings in my life. This particular birthday is somewhat extra special for me, as it was a year that I felt I would truly come into my own. I actually came across recently a goal list I wrote back in August 10, 2009 when I celebrated my 30th birthday. I wanted to share with you 3 long-term goals I had written 5 years ago today. They were as follows:

1)   Make at least 1 million dollars and have in savings and investments before I reach 35.

2)   Can retire from a traditional full-time job before I reach 35

3)   Be married and have my first child with Joel before I turn 32, and build our dream home by 32 years of age.

So today, 5 years later.... here are the results!

Goal 1) I'm not a millionaire (yet :)), but I do have what they call a million dollar family (son age 4 next week, and baby girl born May this year). No amount of money could come close to the value my family brings to me.

Goal 2) I'm happy to say I am currently on maternity leave with my daughter with no plans to return to my traditional full-time job. It's incredible how God/Universe works to line things up in our favour. I will focus on creating and giving great content to my amazing community here at My Empowered Living, so stay tuned!

Goal 3) Joel and I married May 5th, 2012 (I was 32 at the time that we were married!). We had our son just a year after I wrote out my goals (which happened to be 5 days past my 31st birthday). We live in a beautiful house that I adore and grateful to be living in, which was newly built when we moved in.

I share this with you to remind you of the power of dreaming, setting goals, and writing them down. My wish for you is that you keep dreaming and work towards your goals. You will be surprised just how much you can accomplish and turn your goals into reality.

So tonight, I plan to watch the super moon (which btw occurred the night of my wedding), and write out what I WILL accomplish in the next 5 years to come!

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead!

Now, I'm off to celebrate some more with my family. 


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