Here's the Gift within your Triggers and Resistance

So today, I want to get into the topic of triggers.

I know this is an area many of us try to avoid, but something I've come to understand is that triggers and resistance are oftentimes a call for growth and development.

If you've been feeling in the flow, and then all of a sudden got caught up in negative emotions, know that it's not a bad thing.

A few years ago, I was speaking to a friend who had, at that time, been feeling aligned and in the flow.

She felt so connected and was oozing with love and gratitude, you can literally feel the energy coming out of her!

A few weeks later though, I saw her, and she was in a different state.

Her words were something like, “I’ve been doing so good and thought I had this, and now I’m feeling like I’m taking a step back”.

As I listened to her speak and hearing how bad she felt for being triggered, I couldn’t help but feel and clearly see that the resistance and frustration she was feeling was a major step forward in her growth and transformation.

The thing about personal growth is that it’s a never-ending process.

There's always a new level to reach and another layer of fear and resistance that needs facing to help you move to new heights.

As humans, we're always growing and I feel this growth is infinite.

This is why it's so important to enjoy the journey and process, and stop looking to reach a certain "destination" in order to be happy, because truly... the "destination" doesn’t exist.

There will always be a new level to reach.

The sad thing I see though is, because we’ve been taught that feeling negative emotions is wrong, we end up pushing them down, ignoring them or throwing a bunch of affirmations on them.

Or we beat ourselves up for feeling negative in the first place, like my friend was feeling.

Yes, affirmations and shifting your thinking helps, however, for healing and a breakthrough to occur, you must look at what your fears, resistance and triggers are trying to tell you.

Honour your emotions and allow yourself to feel them.

There's so much to uncover and when triggers and resistance come, see it as a beautiful opportunity to discover what else needs to be healed in order to grow.

It may be stuff you thought you’ve already healed and released. Things that you wish you could just ignore and not deal with.

The more you know that this is all a part of the healing and growth process, the more you can lean into it, get the right support and uncover the lessons that's being presented to you.

Once you recognized the lessons, you then have the ability to transcend it. This is where growth happens.

I invite you to continue to move forward, using resistance and triggers as a catalyst for your breakthrough.


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