Following your Passion

There is a beautiful line in one of my favourite books, The Alchemist that reads

"When you go on the quest for your personal legend, the Universe conspires to bring you to your goals."

This is one of my favourite passages in the book (The book is full of so many wisdoms. I highly recommend it for those on the quest of their vision).

What this line means is that when you stretch yourself and move towards your heart’s desires, you will be guided and led towards its attainment.

As you take action, you will meet people and circumstances that will help you attain it. You will be amazed at the great opportunities that seem to present themselves to you as you listen, take action and move towards your goals.

I have come across many people that have launched new businesses after putting it off for many years, and refusing to heed to friends and families "good advice" about doing what is right and taking the path normally followed.

One of the things that struck me as I spoke to them was the passion in their voices and how surprised they were at the doors that opened up for them as they embarked on their journey. It truly is a blessing to be in that presence and witness what happens when people stop listening to their inner fear and finally step out to achieve their dreams.

This is something very familiar to me as well. My sister and I launched our Wellness Centre right at the start of the 2008 recession.

Yes, we experienced many fears and limiting beliefs throughout our journey that made us want to give up. However, we also experienced magical moments that seemed like God had intervened and brought us through the turmoil.

When difficult times arise now in my businesses, I remember those days and immediately harness my thoughts and make more empowered decisions and actions. These actions and knowing that I am forever guided and protected, helps me to keep going and keep working and stepping towards my goals.

Fear is something that holds many people back from attempting their goals. Even when they do start, fear returns and convinces them to give up at the first sign of difficulty.

What's important to remember is that difficulties in any endeavour will occur; you will be tested. The magic is knowing you can overcome it. One of the things I like to ask my coaching clients are "What would you do if you knew there was no possibility of failure"? Well, you can imagine the smiles that come across their faces and the huge laundry lists of things they would achieve.

And then I ask, "What do you think is holding you back from going after your dreams?" I get an even longer list of all the excuses of why they are unable to achieve it.

The interesting thing is that at the core of these excuses are often times fears of what may go wrong. I am here to tell you however, that everything always works out. It may be different than what you had initially planned, but at the end of the day, you will achieve your true desires.

If you follow the principals of following your passion, knowing that everything will always work out, and looking for what is great about every situation during the process, you will never be disappointed at the outcome. The two key things to remember are: Everything always works out, and ask "What is great about this"?

Another great line from The Alchemist that sums up the role of fear is the following: "Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams". Please remember this when fear enters your mind and tries to cripple your actions.

It is also important to remember the growth and transformation you will experience when following your passion. The person you will become is far more beneficial than what you will actually achieve.

This is true for so many successful people. They would all agree that overcoming their fears, stretching past their comfort zones and converting limiting beliefs into empowering ones, are much more rewarding than what they actually achieved. This is because once you have empowering habits, they become automatic.

This will allow you to keep reaching and manifesting additional goals and desires, while inspiring others to do the same. In addition, you will be better able to handle difficult situations when they arise.

Following your passion is a gift that we must harness. It is amazing to know that we have the power to achieve and live our passion. It is a simple process but difficult because of past conditioning that requires discipline to overcome.

Even when we move towards it, it requires constant work to maintain and sustain. That is the magic of converting empowering principals into habit. It is then that it becomes easier to maintain.

Many people spend their entire lives doing something they do not enjoy. This so-called sacrifice does not serve you, nor does it serve your family. Doing what you love not only benefits you, but also those around you.

Take the leap and experience the joy and love that comes from it. We are called to make a difference in our world, and in order to do this, we must first hear, then follow our heart’s calling. Step out of the shadow of fear and into the light of love, joy and prosperity.


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