Fallen off your New Year goals? Then this post is for you!

Welcome to February!

I know when this New Year started; you were full of hope and promise for it.

You had big dreams of all that you wanted to accomplish. You may have even made a vision board (confession – I have yet to finish mine, even though I had a vision board party and most of the ladies finished theirs!).

So, as we start a new month, let this post be your start of month pep talk. If your eyes landed on this blog, it means you were meant to hear (more like read) these words.

You, yes, YOU deserve to achieve your goals and dreams.

Here’s the thing, the sheer fact that you desire something, means you already possess the power to make it happen!

Whatever, I mean whatever you wish to become is already inside you, waiting for the right conditions to emerge. All that's stopping you from your goals is your belief and the actions you take. It really is that simple (note I said simple, not easy).

If February 1st finds you weaning from your New Year excitement and becoming complacent, and not believing you can achieve your goals. Let this be your kick-in-the-ass reminder that YES YOU CAN! There are so many amazing things waiting for you. You deserve to live your dreams! It.Is.Possible.

See this new month as a time to renew your commitment to your goals and push past resistant. I feel you; I really do, as I’ve felt this resistance when it comes to writing my book.

All of a sudden, there’s an email to send, a post to write, a program to plan and on and on and on. All these procrastinations keep me from starting my book.

I’ve recognized it and learnt to work through the resistance, and this month have re-committed and even set up a writing schedule.

So… I now turn it over to you. Are you ready to re-commit to your dreams? 2015 is so your year. Don’t let it pass.

You can do it! You got this! Now go out and make it happen!

If you know anyone that can really use this reminder, please share this blog post to help them recommit to their goals and dreams!


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