Do You Have the Courage to Change?

Something I know to be true in my heart is that you have the power to inspire others through your words and story. You have the unique ability to take known lessons and concepts and apply it to your experiences, and from there teach others who may not be far along their path as you are.

This is something I desired to achieve when I launched my co-authoring book project The Courage to Change. Actually, to be honest, it was initially to show aspiring authors that they too could write a book. It’s such a privilege to hear how my book From Aspiration to Fulfillment helped people.

Seeing the impact that my work had in the lives of others is a feeling like no other. Not to mention how my book has opened up opportunities that grew my business further.

I wanted this for aspiring authors. However, what I did not fully anticipate was that these beautiful women that answered the call of courage, to go through profound journey as they wrote their chapters. Many of them were able to use the writing process as additional healing as layers were pealed back. They discovered parts of themselves that lay dormant, hidden and they feared facing.

As we published our best selling book (love saying that), seeing the growth, pride and joy from the authors as they held their book for the first time was priceless! I have to say, I’ve accomplished many things professionally that I’m proud of, and this is definitely one of my top accomplishments.

What makes this project such an accomplishment was how it served the women that contributed to the book. Knowing the writing process helped them process pain and trauma, helping them heal, cope and to discover their power.

I also see how this book is impacting readers. From notes and comments on social media commending their chapters and how it’s helped them feel no longer alone and isolated in their pain and struggles.

This project has definitely taken a life of its own and I couldn’t be more grateful for the wonderful opportunity to serve in this way. What you’ll learn from their incredible stories is that, you may not fully have the courage when you become aware of the need to change. But your willingness to choose differently, leaning into your fears with forgiveness, faith and trust... are powerful ingredients to courageously face the change.

When I first thought of and started this project, I did not know how it would all come together. But I had faith, courage and trust in God to be my guide, support and partner. And without fail, Spirit delivered.

I invite you to check out my Amazon Best Selling book The Courage to Change and see how you can move past your current struggles and transcend beyond your darkness.


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