A Little Reminder for You, as You Enter the Last Half of the Year...

Today I want to share this powerful quote to you.

We're done with the first half of the year, and with that, I want this special blogpost to remind you the importance of focusing on ONE thing DAILY!

You see, when you focus on one thing and consistently take action, moving beyond your comfort zone... You'll begin to gain momentum and be on the road to accomplishing more than you thought possible.

When I first read this quote from Jackson Kiddard years ago, it resonated deeply with me.

I was reminded of the importance of simplicity, focus and consistent DAILY action.

Have a read below, and let's make the last half of the year, the best one yet.


"If you let it, life can become a simple pattern of staying in your comfort zone and never wandering out into the unknown to see what lies on the other side of its horizon.

Today is Monday, the first day of the week; change your patterns, even slightly today, so that a new world can find you.

Do ONE thing that scares you today,

ONE thing that makes you a little nervous,

ONE thing that you never thought you would do.

If you do ONE thing every day you will have done 365 NEW THINGS in a year!

Today, don't try to tackle everything, but please do ONE thing!"

~Jackson Kiddard


What ONE thing can you do today?


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