6 Powerful Lessons to Stay on Course towards your Goals

We're heading into the last full week of February and I know at this stage, many people have already put their goals and intentions on the back burner. Or possibly, you're coming across resistance and perceived obstacles may have thrown you off course.

If this is you, I want to share some powerful lessons and considerations that'll help you get back on course, and working towards your goals and dreams.

1) Set Clear and Focused Goals/Desires

Review your goals and ensure they're clear and defined. This is important because if you don't have clear and defined goal, how will you be able to determine what's needed to achieve it? State and be clear on what you want to achieve. Clarity gives you power and gives you something in which to aim towards.

Having clear and defined goals also activates your imagination and helps you visualize already being in possession of your desires, which is a powerful tool in manifestation.

2) Know your 'WHY'

Why do you want to achieve your goal? Knowing your 'why' is so important because it's the fuel that keeps you going in the face of adversity. The more personal and strong your 'why', the more power it'll have to help overcome obstacles you face.

It's also important that your 'why' be aligned to a greater good. If it's purely materialistic, it may not have enough power to sustain your efforts in face of adversity.

When you achieve your goals, what impact would it make on your family, clients, and society as a whole? How would your life be different? What new and wonderful experiences can you provide for your family? What difference and transformation would your clients have by working with you?

Think through this and sit in the energy of the actualization of all of this. This is a powerful fuel to push you into action.

3) Master Your Thoughts

Thoughts are powerful things. Your mind responds to whatever you feed it. Check in with your thoughts during the course of the day. To know what you are thinking, analyze how you're feeling.

If you're feeling good, then chances are you're thinking positive thoughts that are creating positive experiences. If you find you're feeling anxious or fearful, which is common at this time, chances are, you're thinking negative thoughts. To change the way you feel, begins with changing your focus, attention and thoughts.

Mastering your thoughts is key to gaining control over your life and who you're being at a subconscious level. I invite you to reframe or replace negative fearful thoughts for something more empowering, and best serves you. Shift your focus and place your attention on the outcomes you want.

4) Know that 'The Universe has your Back'

This is one of my favourite quotes from best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein. The Universe/God (whatever fits with your spiritual practice) will always provide for you. Trust and know that whatever you've asked for will be provided in some form.

I heard Gabby once say to wake up every morning and say, “Come on Universe, show me what you’ve got"!

Here's the thing, your goals may or may not come exactly as you've planned, but know that something great is coming to you. I personally have never been disappointed when I have asked for something and had complete trust in God.

I have been blessed to witness and receive miracles along the way. I KNOW I'm always looked after and protected by a Source greater than me.

5) Do not Mistake Delays for Denials

When I first came across 'do not mistake delays for denials' from a past mentor of mine Mastin Kipp, it had a huge impact on the way I saw setbacks. Delays are not denials! Let me say it again...

Delays are not denials!

This is one of the reasons people give up on their dreams. They see setbacks as something they can't overcome or as 'proof' they aren't meant to fulfill their goals.

They'll say, “Well, I guess it was not meant to be.”

I say B.S.!

This kind of thinking does not serve you.

If you study the greatest achievers of our past and present, you'll see that many of them persisted when hope seemed lost. They stayed committed to their goals and dreams.

This is another reason why it's so important to set clear and focused goals, know why you want your desires, master your thoughts and know 'the Universe has your back'.

Many times the delays are just God’s/Universe’s (again whatever fits with your spiritual practice) way of preparing the path for you.

6) Surrender

I know sometimes when people hear 'surrender', they think of giving up.

This doesn'tmean you sit idly by and expect great things to fall on your laps without doing any work.

After you decide on a clear focused goal, know why you want it, asked God for it and have faith that “the Universe has your back,” simply surrender and let go.

It's just like the famous saying, 'let go and let God'. When you surrender to this infinite power, you become a vibrational match to what you desire and opportunities to it's attainment comes into your awareness. Many times, the things that shows up will delight and surprise you, and better than you could've imagined,

My favourite exercise to help me surrender is to sit in silence and feel my body let go. I relax and say quietly or in my head 'God/Universe, Thy will be done. I trust and I surrender my goals and dreams to your loving grace.'

You deserve to live a life filled with great health, love, joy and abundance. You deserve infinite wealth and success in your life and business.

Regardless of what's happening around you in this moment, believe it's available for you.

Stay open to it!


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